Cheap stunt loan insurance for borrowers

Real Estate Loan Insurance and the stunt job

Real Estate Loan Insurance and the stunt job

Your job as a stunt is considered a risky profession, our brokerage firm offers the cheapest solution for the insurance of your mortgage because we have negotiated with the insurance companies borrower a rate without markup for your Dangerous craft stunt.

The job of stuntman

A stuntman is most often an intermittent performer responsible for replacing an actor during the shooting of scenes presenting risks or requesting a specific skill (combat, driving, acrobatics).

The different disciplines of the waterfall :

  • physical cascade (fall, fight, human torch.)
  • mechanical cascade (barrels, skid, jump,.)
  • Equestrian waterfall (horse fall.)
  • waterfall (in the water.)

Calculate loan insurance to insure a stunt real estate loan

Even though stuntman does not mean daredevil, the stunt job most often goes up when looking for loan insurance, but not with the cheap loan broker.

Real estate loan insurance

Real estate loan insurance

Since September 1, 2010, the Lagarde law allows borrowers to take out their loan insurance outside the lending institution (insurance delegation). The bank can not refuse a delegation of insurance if the guarantees of the external contract are equivalent to that of the “group” contract that it proposes. This is a real opportunity for borrowers to reduce the cost of their loan insurance and / or obtain better coverage.

The problem related to the risk of the job of stuntman

If you are a stuntman, special conditions may be applied by your insurer to your home loan insurance policy. Indeed, where some insurers refuse to give you insurance because of the risks that your business represents, others will accept in return for the payment of a premium insurance. Your contributions will be increased proportionally to the level of risk of the stunt job. It is therefore essential to make competition between insurers work in order to find the cheapest coverage formula that will be the most efficient.


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