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They are crucial for your creditworthiness

Depending on the amount and duration of the loan, some loans are granted at fixed rates, others at credit line rates. All borrowers pay the same interest on non-remunerated interest. On the other hand, interest rate-dependent interest rates fluctuate, depending on the applicant, between the so-called discount rate, also called minimum interest rate or maximum interest rate. Therefore, the interest rates offered may not only vary from house to house, but also from house to house.

In addition, the amount of the loan, the duration and the purpose of the claim determine the final amount of the effective interest rate. The lending of a house bank and its favorable conditions for the respective borrower depend essentially on the customer’s creditworthiness, ie his creditworthiness. Among other things, the earnings situation determines the lending and the interest rate depending on the respective customer creditworthiness.

Permanent employment with a regular salary always has a positive effect on the loan application. In addition, the credit bureau score is also used to assess creditworthiness. There are also special loan offers for certain professions that meet their specific needs, such as the loan for civil servants, the student loan or the self-employed loan.

If the credit quality is worse, some banks often require a residual debt insurance as a precondition. Free offer optimization: Although credit institutions always assess creditworthiness on a comparable scale, they can take a different approach in each case. So it can happen that the customer receives a loan from one of the two sides for a financing application and not from another.

In addition, the interest rates offered in the credit-based interest calculation may differ significantly. It is therefore advisable to always send the request to several credit institutions at the same time. Of course, all this is always free, neutral to the creation and completely non-binding.

Start now with the credit!

More than 50,000 retail investors give you 50,000 options for a loan – more than any loan comparison can give you. The loan amount of up to 50,000 and the loan term of up to 84 months can be selected on the internet and can therefore be completely adapted to your requirements.

Your information about the loan will be sent secured thanks to the highest standards – this has been certified by our clients, including the TÜV. The application for a loan is of course free. In addition, the credit report is absolutely non-binding: you decide yourself whether to take the loan on the terms provided.

Our investors make sure that your loan is affordable in a very short time. The amount can be within 24 hours on your bank account – without bank visit or unnecessary formalities. Save yourself the road to the bank: you can easily, comfortably and simply submit a loan from home or from home via the monitor.

To do this, you must select the desired amount and the intended purpose for your installment loan and register on the Internet. Because you decide on the use of your installment loan, you can use it as a car loan, vacation loans or debt restructuring. This allows you to determine directly whether your credit is being co-financed by private investors. So you can choose the name with the appropriate sentence for your financial situation.

In order to pay off your balance, your personality must be checked. You can do this directly through the Internet or Internet website or as a poster in a post office in your area. If you have successfully verified your personal details, all you need to do is sign the loan agreement. Unlike a traditional house bank, you do not even have to give up home for a retail loan.

Apply for the Internet conveniently and save time and effort. You can easily check your legitimacy via video chat and sign the contract via the Internet via e-mail. If you do not receive a loan, or if you choose not to pay, you do not have to pay any expenses and your loan expires.

Only when you pay your loan, a one-off commission is charged, which is already included in the repayment rate. The fee depends on the duration and the creditworthiness and is prepared for each individual customer before the decision for or against his personal credit. In addition to the processing fee, you will of course also be charged for loan interest, which depends on your creditworthiness.

These nominal interest rates are also included in the monthly installments to be paid. All fees incurred for the loan are summarized at the annual percentage rate and communicated to you prior to the conclusion of the contract. This protects you if, for example, you are no longer in the financial position to pay the monthly installments for your loan due to unemployment.

However, the loan application is neutral to the creator and therefore has no influence on your credit bureau score. This not only increases your chances of getting a loan, but also gives you better conditions than a house bank or a loan comparison that only uses credit bureau information. You can also choose a maximum duration of 84 months.

The interest on your loan depends on your credit rating. Check in advance with the interest rate calculator, in which composition the two quantities loan amount, maturities and interest rates lead to a monthly repayment installment, which fits to your financial situation. This gives you complete control over the costs right from the start and allows you to see immediately what effects the individual components have on the overall interest expense and thus on the costs of the goods.

This allows you to prepare the credit report well and choose the loan that suits your needs. After complete payment and presentation of all required documents, your personal loan can be paid out within one working day to your desired bank account. The payout process of your loan takes place via SWK-Bank, which for legal reasons handles the processing of the loans.

You determine the amount of the installments along with the loan term and can thus optimally align them to your requirements. For a loan, you must be between 18 and 69 years old, live in the Federal Republic and have a bank account with a local savings bank. In addition, you should have a regular salary to ensure the repayment of your loan.

In addition, personal loans can only be given to private individuals – companies can not lend. They will be reproduced on the Internet immediately upon completion of the request – and before the conclusion of the contract. This allows you to make a conscious decision for or against a competitor offer. The amount of the monthly installment to be paid by your account from the following payment month depends on the selected loan amount (1,000 to 50,000) and duration (12 to 84 months).

Because there is the free special repayment, you can repay the loan volume at any time financial position – and thus save. For example, you can use it as a car loan, for holiday financing, or to buy or start a business. However, the credit bureau score is just one of many credit scores used for credit check.

Therefore, loans can be granted to those customers whose credit bureau score is not in the top segment. The main objective of credit monitoring is to determine credit-related interest rates. The loan request does not affect your creditworthiness, so you can test it for free and without commitment.