Mason Loan Insurance: A cheaper guarantee for bricklayers.

Get loan insurance adapted to the job of a builder

Get loan insurance adapted to the job of a builder

Your job as a bricklayer is considered a profession at risk, our brokerage firm Frendel.f offers the cheapest solution for the insurance of your home loan because we have negotiated with insurance companies a loan rate without markup for your job as a mason.

The job of mason

The mason is a professional in the building industry. His work consists in creating, choosing and using various elements of construction composed of materials such as bricks, wood, stone, metals, with which he builds a construction work. It carries out the structural work in the construction of houses of buildings, or industries.

Compare loan insurance to insure a real estate loan as a builder

The broker  is able to offer you at negotiated prices the loan insurance contracts that best meet your needs.

Mortgage insurance for bricklayers

Mortgage insurance for bricklayers

When it comes to subscribe a mortgage, loan insurance is a guarantee imposed by banks. It is now possible to subscribe his insurance borrower outside the bank, with the insurer of his choice. This is called a delegation of insurance. This possibility, which has existed since the entry into force of the Cogilaw Company in September 2010, offers borrowers the opportunity to put insurers in competition with each other and thus find the loan insurance contract which will present the most extensive guarantees on the price the most advantageous. This can allow many borrowers to reduce the total cost of their home loan by several thousand euros!

Loan insurance: the problem related to the job of mason

The job of mason can be considered “at risk” by insurers and thus be part of the “exclusions” of their insurance contracts. For insurers who agree to cover the risks represented by the profession of mason, this will be done with the application of coverage conditions specific to it, which will then involve an increase in your insurance premium called “premium”.


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