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10 Best Final Boss Fights In Video Game History

Ring of Elden was released on February 25, and fans are still divided on what they think of the final boss. On the one hand, he’s a really tough foe and fits the lore remarkably well. But on the other hand, it feels a little lackluster in terms of measuring overall player skill or even being that interesting of the characters.

Final bosses in video games can often end up being the best boss in the entire game. And why wouldn’t it be? Players want the ultimate experience to conclude their long journey. But when it comes to drawing satisfying conclusions for an entire playthrough, which final bosses are truly the best of the best?


Red – Pokémon SoulSilver and HeartGold

This is the final boss fight offered to players of Pokemon SoulSilver and Gold heart, and it still stands today as arguably the best battle of all Pokemon.

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This fight has many similarities between that of Silver and Gold but is simply more refined. The experience of going up against the protagonist of the previous game was thrilling and unexpected. Seeing Red on the Snow Mountain and battling him with Gen 1 starters Pikachu, Lapras, and Snorlax was honestly such a dizzying experience. This fight is tough and will require intense training.

Vergil – Devil May Cry 3

The decisive battle of devil may cry 3has long been hailed as the perfect ending to one of the best the devil may cry Games.

Vergil’s character has grown more complex over the years and this battle gives fans mixed emotions of awe and sadness as the two brothers fight. Before, it almost seemed like they had made peace as they fought each other, but now they fight each other to the death. This fight is much more difficult than other encounters with Vergil, but earning the win is worth it.

Zeus – God of War III

The final battle of Kratos against Zeus in the third God of the war is both a cinematic experience and extremely fun.

Some of the best boss fights in video games require more than just action, and the Zeus boss fight does just that. Throughout this game, Kratos began to change for the first time, becoming genuinely Pandora-minded. Pandora’s death and the final battle against Zeus are likely what set Kratos on the right track for the future.

Ashera – Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn

There are many great final bosses in Fire Emblem, but none of them really compare to Ashera, the Goddess of Order.

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The end game of radiant dawn was incredibly long, spanning five different chapters. The final boss fight unfolded with an intense battle against Ashera. And unlike most bosses, Ashera can’t be engaged directly right away and must first have her aura destroyed. This is by far the most intense boss fight ever. Fire Emblem, with the boss having an incredible amount of support to keep it from being damaged.

Lord Shimura – Ghost of Tsushima

The final boss battle against Lord Shimura, Jin’s uncle, is one of the most heartbreaking boss battles in video games.

This fight is beautifully done, with the duel of the two samurai under the tree that they had practiced so many times before. This is where Jin learned everything from Shimura, so it’s only fitting that it all ends here. The best part of this fight is the conclusion, which allows Jin to let his uncle live or give him the death of a samurai. Either way, it’s a depressing ending.

Eredin – Witcher III

This boss fight looks straight out of a movie and is one of the reasons why Netflix Witcher should adapt the video games after finishing the books.

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The boss fight is long, ranging from combat aboard a ship to combat in an open ice field. Eredin of the Wild Hunt is a character many fans of the book will know, so to finally fight him is scary. It’s probably the hardest battle ever. Witcher III and requires dedication to go all the way.

Ganondorf – The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

There are too many amazing Ganondorf boss fights in Zelda. But Ocarina of timeGanondorf is still the best boss fight in Zelda.

Prior to Ocarina of time, Ganondorf has never been seen in human form. This made Ganondorf a bit of a surreal character, but it also made him much more intimidating when he transformed into his Ganon form. This boss fight isn’t terribly difficult, but it’s fun and requires Link to go back in time as he uses many of the tactics he employed against previous bosses.

Isshin, the Knight of the Sword – Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Fans probably rolled their eyes when they saw Genichiro Ashina standing in their way again, but this time it should be a lot easier. What followed, however, was an incredibly grotesque reminder to fans that this is FromSoftware. Isshin springs from the severed neck of Genichiro, returned from the Underworld.

Genichiro Ashina has done an amazing job of forcing the player to learn the game. In many ways, it serves as a test for players to see if they are ready to move on. Isshin is similar to this but determines if the player is ready to complete the game as a sword master. This is the hardest boss battle ever. sekiro and forces the player to master more aspects of combat than they could have imagined.

Sephiroth – Final Fantasy VII

The first part of Final Fantasy VIIThe remake of already gave fans an amazing Sephiroth boss fight, but the final boss fight from the original game is still unmatched. Sephiroth will always be a beloved boss and character and is one of the best RPG villains around.

This boss fight is not only incredibly difficult but also visually spectacular. When Sephiroth prepares heavy cosmic attacks, fans will likely freak out as they sense the impending doom that will unfold when this attack lands. Sephiroth will likely take most players several attempts to defeat unless they are over-leveled. Final Fantasy VII was a wild ride and this final boss makes the whole experience even better.

Slave Knight Gael – Dark Souls III: The Ringed City

The final boss of Dark Souls IIIThe DLC of is arguably the best final boss in video game history, as well as the best boss overall.

This boss fight is the true test of every player and is the ultimate conclusion to the dark souls video game franchise. The boss moves and phases, its design, the dark setting and how the fight was carried through to, and of course, the flawless OST. This fight made the best of everything in Dark Souls III and is bound to anyone who loves Dark Souls IIIfavorite boss fight.

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