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10 Biggest Missed Opportunities In Fighting Game History

Sometimes when work is drudgery, people are demanding, and life is generally getting you down, you need a little release.

While some might be reading a good book with a glass of wine in hand or soaking in a big bubble bath, there are others who find freedom by throwing themselves into a fighting game and kicking to someone. Throw away that stress ball and throw Guilty Gear instead!

Fighting games are undeniably an important part of gaming. The medium has all the hallmarks of a top genre, with countless iconic IPs, a thriving Esports community, deep/dense lore archives, and a base of massive players. Even if you don’t like jumping into Tekken, Smash Bros. or Street Fighter, you can’t deny their impact on the industry. However, nothing is perfect.

While the genre is constantly going from strength to strength, there have been plenty of times when gamers have come close to receiving perfection, only to have the rug pulled out from under them.

Whether it’s sloppy storylines, janky gameplay, failed titles or more, it’s safe to say that these missed opportunities make players punch the devs instead of Raiden. .

The gaming industry is littered with the corpses of video games that never existed. The fighting genre has plenty of experience with this, as it’s no stranger to a canceled game or two. Midway’s X-Fighters, Atari’s Swords of Yi, and even a Lord of the Rings fighter are just a few examples. There’s an endless barrage of titles that have stopped developing, but this surprising title is a very powerful storyline.

The Saints Row franchise probably needs as much love as it can muster right now, especially after the embarrassment of the 2022 reboot. But, of all Volition’s explosive and wild adventures, this one could have to be one of the best known.

In 2010, THQ collaborated with developers Heavy Iron to create the first motion-controlled game Saints Row.

That title was called Saints Row: The Cooler, and it would have given players the ability to jump into bars and fight, all with physical actions coming from you, with Microsoft Kinect and PlayStation Move.

This game would have you fighting in locations seen in Saints Row 2 and had added features like flirting with bar patrons and even *ahem* watching strippers. Would it have been good? Who knows, but finding out for yourself would have been fun.