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10 Highest Rated Male Wrestlers In WWE Video Game History

Over the years, wrestling video games have given huge ratings to top names. The usual legends can always be expected to score high, due to the impact they have had. But every year there is normally a current talent who also earns a huge score based on what they have been up to lately.

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Fans always go for the most powerful wrestler possible, for obvious reasons. There are certain talents that audiences know will provide that for them, and over the years it has led to huge scores. For this article, we will only include one entry per wrestler, so their highest score will count.

ten CM Punk – 94 (WWE 2K14)

CM Punk WWE 2K14

Consider the relationship WWE now has with CM Punk, the company probably wouldn’t want him in the top 10. However, when WWE 2K14 came out, he was the top star in the entire company and someone who was always the main event. For this reason, a high score was the right choice.

Punk was firing on all cylinders at this point in his career, both inside the ring and on the microphone. Giving him a huge score was the only way forward. Also, whatever their relationship is, he’s one of the best ever, so that’s to be expected.

9 Brock Lesnar – 95 (WWE 2K17)

Brock Lesnar 2k17

It was a period of dominance for Brock Lesnar in professional wrestling, and he was truly the top star in the business. The Beast was rarely defeated and he always took control of his matches. Adding him to the roster was huge for the game, and they didn’t hold his rating.

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Lesnar is one of the greatest main event players of all time, and that’s reflected in all of his video game scores. But for The Beast, it was in 2K17 that it earned the highest rating, and rightly so.


8 Roman Reigns – 95 (WWE 2K18)

Roman Reigns 2k18

Roman Reigns is another talent that has always been reserved in a dominant way, and because of that, his scores have always been high. Whenever a wrestler is rarely defeated, there is no choice but to give them a high rating, especially when they are excellent in the ring like him.

It was a dominant run for him, though his current character is arguably stronger and more entertaining. However, in the most recent game, it received the same rating as this, which was surprising.

7 Shawn Michaels – 96 (WWE ’12)

Shawn Michaels WWE 2K12

It took Shawn Michaels a while to reach his highest rating in a wrestling video game, despite still being considered one of the greatest of all time. WWE 2K12 reflected that with a score of 96, which no fan will dispute.

HBK was one of the strongest characters in gaming that year, and someone a lot of fans will likely have chosen to use. Because he is such a great wrestler, it was more than deserved for him to have a better score. Not many people could do what he did in the ring, and as a video game character, HBK has always been fun to play.

6 Hulk Hogan 80s-96 (SmackDown vs. Raw, 2006)

Hulk Hogan SVR 2006

This video game decided to add a retro version of Hulk Hogan that focused specifically on him in the 1980s. Of course, that was when he was dominating the wrestling industry, so making him get a score huge was the only conclusion.

That’s what happened, with this character getting a score of 96, the highest score ever scored by Hogan in a game. He’s someone who’s always been popular, and that’s why he’ll get still a good score, but that was the highlight for him.

5 Steve Austin – 97 (SmackDown vs. Raw, 2010)

Steve Austin SvR 10

Steve Austin is one of the greatest of all time, so no one will be shocked that he has one of the highest scores in wrestling video game history. The Texas Rattlesnake may have been retired by the time this game was released, but the decision was made to make him a legend.

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It made sense, given the career he had. Although that also meant he was stronger than all the other current talents, which was slightly questionable to those around him at the time. Its rating has never been higher since, but it has always been one of the best in the game, no matter what.

4 The Rock – 97 (SmackDown vs. Raw, 2010)

The Rock SvR 2010

In the same match, Steve Austin’s biggest rival, The Rock, also received the same score. There has always been little separation between the two, so it makes sense that they would receive similar ratings. They are always close in every game they are placed in.

However, the fact that their high scores are the same seems fitting. The Rock is still a popular character in these games, so that gives him a solid score to reflect which is understandable.

3 John Cena – 97 (SmackDown vs. Raw, 2008)

John Cena SvR 2008

John Cena is someone that fans can always guarantee to have a rating above 90 in games. However, when this particular release dropped, he was truly at the top of his game. Cena was the face of the company and had a dominating grip on the main stage of the event, which is why this score was fair.

He was head and shoulders above all the other talents, and because of that, it only made sense that he would receive a major rating to reflect that. Cena was rarely defeated back then, so it was hard to argue that many points were knocked out.

2 The Badass Undertaker – 98 (SmackDown vs. Raw, 2011)

The Undertaker American Badass SmackDown v Raw 2011

The Undertaker is still a popular character in video games. This has been the case since its first inclusion and remains so to this day. But it was SmackDown vs. Raw in 2011 that produced his highest rating, with the American Badass version of his character.

A whopping 98 was given to him, which was extremely high, especially at that time. Of course, this version of his character has always been popular and brought together some great moments and matches. Adding it to this game brought some nostalgia to the fans, which was nice.

1 AJ Styles Gold – 100 (WWE 2K19)

AJ Styles Short Golden Edition

Of all the wrestlers in history, few would expect AJ Styles to have the highest rating. Although his character always has a higher score, it is normally never that high. However, for WWE 2K19, the company released a special edition of Styles, which made the cover that year.

It was a version that had him completely golden, that was unique and different. But he also came with a perfect score of 100, which had never been done before. That was the incentive to get the character, which many fans did.

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