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10 Most Brutally Difficult First Person Shooter Levels In Video Game History

From the pioneering days of Quake and Duke Nukem 3D, to the rise of the Call of Duty and Battlefield franchises, and to modern powerhouse productions like DOOM Eternal, the First-Person Shooter genre is a gaming staple that has entertained fans. millions of people. And with the need for lightning-fast reflexes, precise aim, and divine situational awareness, shooters also posed some of the toughest challenges in the game.

We’ve visited these blood-soaked arenas before (see the list here) and every choice made remains a first choice. But a few deserving classics weren’t on this list, and with new shooters constantly entering the market and the rise of the returning shooter producing fertile new ground to explore, it’s time for a new round of inductees into the pantheon of levels of overwhelming difficulty. .

This list will focus on single-player titles rather than Battle Royale format or multiplayer arena shooters. Additionally, each level should be clearly defined, so we won’t be looking at open-world centric examples like Far Cry or Crysis. We assume that each level is played with the highest difficulty settings and finally played for the first time, because everything is easy when you know where all the secrets are.

So prepare to rage – and cry – as we blast our way through ten more challenging and legendary levels in first-person shooters.

Jedi Outcast is fondly remembered by fans for being the Star Wars game that finally gave players the chance to wield a lightsaber and fulfill their childhood fantasy of being a Jedi Knight. But if there’s one thing players will quickly want to forget, it’s the level where you can first wield said lightsaber, Nar Shadda Streets.

Set in a giant durasteel canyon, you find yourself playing the role of the proverbial fish in a barrel as you’re forced to navigate narrow, horribly exposed alleys while being shot from all corners of the map by snipers. precise elite armed with weapons capable of disintegrating you in two shots.

You’re no better off indoors: the level has an inordinate penchant for Grans grenade launchers, often leaving rooms liberally sprinkled with ping pong thermal detonators. And when you inevitably run out of the room in a panic, remember to watch your steps, because the descent is long. Oh, and don’t forget the snipers.

It all adds up to a nerve-wracking, twisting gauntlet of a level that will have you pounding your keyboard in a searing rage. You’ll need Yoda’s patience and Han Solo’s luck to get through this.