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10 Most Difficult Levels In Video Game History, According To Reddit

Gotham Knights is finally out, and fans are rushing to play the game before the details are spoiled for them. Like most video games, the game has its fair share of easy levels that players can race through and hard levels that test the limits of players’ abilities.

Most video games have a good mix of easy and hard levels to keep players entertained and challenged throughout the game. But some levels have proven extremely difficult to complete, and fans have taken to Reddit to share what they believe to be the hardest video game levels ever.


10/10 Alien “Auto” topsy Part III

The Simpsons Hit & Run

The simpsons may not be for everyone, but there is no denying that the final level of The Simpsons: Hit & Run is extremely difficult to cross.

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Not only do players have to transport nuclear waste trucks to an alien spaceship, but there is also a time limit within which they must complete the level, otherwise the game is over. Worse still, as Prasiatko explained, “the timer continues during the cutscene,” meaning players must arrive with enough time to pass the level and finally complete the game.

9/10 The level of the dam

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles NES Game

As non-Marvel or DC animal superheroes, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have had their fair share of enemies to fight in movies, shows, and games. But nothing they faced compares to players’ frustration with a certain level of water in the TMNT NES game.

“Water levels suck at first, but this one was fucking torture,” says Redditor NotHisRealName. Filled with impossible time limits, tricky tasks, and horrible water controls (not to mention the areas where players had take damage), this level was a nightmare for fans to complete, with many giving up before they even completed this challenging level.

8/10 Tutorial


Tutorial missions in video games are meant to be easy missions to place players in the game. The tutorial for Driver failed that.

To proceed to the main game, players had to complete the tutorial, which included performing a series of maneuvers within a certain amount of time. But the complexity of the maneuvers and the reduced time limit often led many people to abandon the game altogether due to the difficulty. What was even worse, as noted by Jimbo-Jones, is that “chances are you’ll NEVER do any of these maneuvers for the rest of the game”, making this tutorial even more unnecessarily difficult.

7/10 Priority: Land

Mass Effect 3

Mass Effect 3 may include one of the greatest video game openings of all time, but to reach the end, players must go through a final level of pain.

Overall, this level isn’t completely difficult – until players reach the final combat zone, where they are overrun by many deadly Reaper enemies, including several Banshees, who can easily overwhelm and potentially kill players if they get too close. The onslaught of enemies can easily overwhelm players if they make a mistake. “I have a stomach ache just thinking about the screams…” commented fullmetalagent.

6/10 Cortana

Halo 3

Halo 3 served as the epic conclusion to the franchise’s original trilogy. But to achieve this ending, players had to go through the dreaded level known as “Cortana”.

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From the start, players are almost instantly overwhelmed by the deluge, which comes from all sides and can include anything from combat forms to pure forms. danapickles commented that this level was where “I learned that video games can crush your soul”. The only saving grace for this level is that it’s short, which makes the pain everyone goes through thankfully brief.

5/10 The library

Halo: Advanced Combat

Following the big flood reveal in one of the greatest Halo levels of all time, Halo fans encountered what would become the most infamous levels in franchise history: “The Library”.

The_Only_Zac, channeling massive amounts of sarcasm, writes “the library was a piece of cakeit only took me days of countless deaths.” While the repetitiveness of the level design made things a bit easier, the seemingly endless swarms of Flood coming at players from all angles with all kinds of weapons, including rocket launchers, absolutely crushed the souls of every Halo player.

4/10 Get blueprints

Star Wars: Battlefront II (2005)

the original Star Wars: Battlefront II is easily one of the best video games ever made, but even it has its difficulties, like the level aboard the Tantive IV.

The ship’s limitations make the battle cramped, even when players have access to Darth Vader. The level becomes even more difficult as players complete their objectives, as there are endless amounts of Rebel soldiers constantly respawning in the confined space. Also, as setorius42 noted, at the end of the level “all your fellow stormtroopers stopped respawning, but the rebel AI never did”, which forced the player to fight the enemy almost alone.

3/10 Pavolv’s house

Call of Duty

Call of Duty will always have a large fanbase and several challenging levels that look deceptively easy, such as “Pavolv’s House”.

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While the mission seems simple, XTacDK points out that “the swarms of Germans are getting stronger and stronger, your comrades die within the first 30 seconds”, and there are very few opportunities for healing. With tanks constantly bombarding the player location, it can be long and brutal to complete the level which seemed like a walk in the park from the start.

2/10 After Montignac

Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis

Military simulators like this are generally easy for players, but the “After Montignac” mission is beyond challenging in terms of difficulty.

Alone and behind enemy lines, players must make their way to an extraction point while being chased by an army of soldiers and vehicles. One wrong move and players will find themselves in a quick and brutal death. A Redditor notes that the difficulty is also increased both in-level and in-game as “the bots will act differently on each attempt!”

1/10 I just can’t wait to be king

The Lion King

It seems that game developers like to make even children’s video games incredibly difficult if that nightmarish level in The Lion King the video game is something to pass.

Although it sounds easy, many people have struggled to land all the jumps and get the timing right for the punch boxes or risk losing the level and having to try again. Even people who return to play the level years later still struggle with this extremely difficult level. “I probably broke 2-3 controllers just because of the ostriches…” writes thrashurlife.

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