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10 most iconic knights in video game history

The game world is populated, with each title bringing with it a host of unique and memorable characters who have become an integral part of the game’s rich and illustrious history. These characters end up successfully completing a number of tasks and responsibilities. , the role of knight being the most demanding and the noblest of the lot.

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While not all knights in video games are this admirable, it is undeniable that the vast majority of characters who fulfill knight status in a video game are distinguished by their noble deeds and moral fiber. Of all the knights that have ever appeared in video games, here are a few of the most legendary that fans will not soon forget.

ten Cecil Harvey (Final Fantasy 4)

Cecil Dark Knight Final Fantasy IV

The Final Fantasy series is full of JRPG gems and Final Fantasy 4 is no exception. The story-rich approach of this title along with great characters make it one of the best titles in Final Fantasy.

Cecil, the protagonist of this game, is a fascinating character in his own right. He starts off as a dark knight who is unsure of the morality of his actions, before transforming into a paladin and standing up for what is right.


9 The Knight (Hollow Horseman)

Official video game art Hollow Knight poses strong with gun in hand

Hollow Knight is one of the greatest Metroidvania titles ever to be made. It helps that the charm and title fight is pretty stellar as well, making it an amazing experience from start to finish.

The Nameless Knight you control in the game is also an endearingly fun creature to control. Players can only wait and see how this knight’s journey unfolds in the sequel.

tie wearing tingling outfit

The Legend of Zelda is one of the greatest video game series of all time. Its protagonist may have changed his origins with every game, but there’s no denying that Link is a pure-hearted knight who is always on a quest to save Princess Zelda with every game.

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Link might not be the most talkative knight, but that’s not a drawback at all. If anything, it’s the stoic nature of his protagonist and his unwavering attitude against all odds that makes him such an iconic character.

seven Knight Artorias (Dark Souls)

Dark Souls Artorias crouching with a sword on his shoulder

The Four Knights of Gwyn are all extremely tragic characters with incredible stories. These people will also not hesitate to face an uphill battle, with Knight Artorias being one of those extremely powerful figures in a fight.

Her boss fight can be extremely grueling at times, but it’s after learning about this character’s tragic story that makes this fight even more saddening. Artorias deserves all the praise for being such a selfless knight that he gave up his own reason to protect his mate.

6 Shovel Knight (Shovel Knight)

Shovel Knight Art

Independent titles have become all the rage in modern times. Shovel Knight is one such title that has captured the magic of nostalgic 2D platform games and presented it on a silver platter for modern gamers to enjoy.

The end result is one of the nicest and simplest 2D scrollers ever. Any fan of old-fashioned platform titles with a fair challenge should definitely give Shovel Knight a try.

5 Adelbert Steiner (Final Fantasy 9)

Adelbert Steiner from Final Fantasy IX

It would be impossible to talk about knights in video games without mentioning Adelbert Steiner’s hilarious antics. Zidane forms a love-hate relationship with this knight due to the ease with which it is to wind him up with just a few words.

Of course, like almost every other main character in Final Fantasy 9, Steiner also takes on its full meaning further. His physical prowess also makes him one of the best members of the main group to use on the front line for almost any major battle.

4 Dragon Slayer Ornstein (Dark Souls)

Dark Souls - Dragon Slayer Ornstein watches the chosen undead

In the base game of Dark Souls, you have the option of interacting only with one of the Four Knights of Gwyn. However, fighting with Ornstein and his trusted partner is such a huge ordeal that you would be more than happy to never interact with another knight in the game again.

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Ornstein and Smough waste no time letting you know not to bother them. It takes a Herculean effort to defeat these two monstrosities for good.

3 Arthur (Ghosts and Goblins)

Ghosts and Goblins

Ghost ‘n Goblins is one of the toughest video games ever. Its protagonist, Arthur, should ideally be a tough knight who can take on most challenges … but he’s actually so incredibly fragile that he can easily die after just two enemy hits.

It was this incredible difficulty that made Ghost ‘n Goblins a cult classic, to the point that a remastered version was released as well. Watching a modern version of Arthur is pretty exciting … that is, until you suffer an easy death again.

Super Smash Bros. Meta Knight

Considering the innocuous nature of the Kirby series, it stands to reason that a knight featured in these games would also be incredibly noble. This righteous nature is precisely what Meta Knight personifies.

This mysterious character always fights Kirby on an equal footing and ends up standing up for what’s right whenever it’s needed. This, added to the similarities he shares with Kirby himself, makes him one of the most beloved characters on the show.

1 Frog (chrono trigger)

Chrono Trigger Frog

Chrono Trigger is a game with an incredible cast, Frog being one of the many more notable characters in the game. The way he talks may take some getting used to, but the character of Frog is so much more than his. dialect.

Initially human by the name of Glenn, the noble knight was transformed into a frog by the hands of Magus after seeing his closest ally die right in front of him. He takes this loss to heart and decides to remain a frog to remember his failure.

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