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10 most influential mods in video game history

Many developers discover their talents just by playing a game they like. Sometimes they find a way to modify the game engine to create a new mechanic, create new interesting levels, fix game issues, etc. Eventually, some of these mods may become independent versions, be bought out by the developers of the original title, or even inspire new games.

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Some genres of games are completely born out of a single mod. Video game historians will collect the titles of mods that have become so immensely influential that they have surpassed themselves and spawned some of the media’s most amazing projects.

ten Mesa black

Black Mesa - Original version of the module

Half-Life fans have been waiting for a third game the longest. A lot of people don’t understand the passion and love that many have for this game because they missed it when it was considered relevant. Although the half-life is dated, it’s still a good game. Once done, a group of modders decided to come up with a way to play Half-Life with updated graphics.

The project gained so much attention that it became an independent version. To make it even better, Black Mesa has gained approval from Valve and can even be purchased through Steam.


9 Star Wars: Galactic War

Star Wars Galactic Warfare - Aiming at a Soldier

At the time of this mod’s release, there wasn’t much news regarding Star Wars games. Star Wars: Galactic War retained the gameplay feel of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, but it completely changed the look of maps, weapons, and characters. The sound effects have also been changed to suit the weapons used.

This kind of mod has shown that there is a demand for this kind of games. Perhaps this is the sort of thing that prompted the release of a game like Star Wars: Battlefront.

8 Counter strike

Counter strike 1999

This is another game that only older players know its origin. Counter-Strike was originally a Half-Life mod. Originally designed by Jess Cliffe and Minh “Gooseman” Le, the mod’s success was so great that many people who played Counter-Strike didn’t even realize it was a mod.

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Eventually, Valve acquired the intellectual property rights to the mod of its own game. After that, Valve decided to turn Counter-Strike into a full product. The game is still popular today and one of the most influential first person shooter games to ever exist.

seven Garry’s mod

Garrys Mod - Play with Sandbox Style

Half-Life burned down a number of amazing mods, and many of them became standalone games. Garry’s mod was one of them, although it kept “mod” in its name. Designed as a sandbox experience, this title was originally just a set of tools to manipulate. There was no real goal, so players used it for fun.

This concept evolved into a fully fleshed out version of the same idea. Still a sandbox-style title with no set goal, but with a lot more to play with.

6 Classic Fortress Team

Team Fortress Classic - An earthquake mod

This Quake mod is so influential that it almost single-handedly created a new First Person Shooter subgenre known today as Hero Shooter. Team Fortress was a Capture the Flag mode that became so popular that the rights were acquired by Valve, leading to the creation of Team Fortress 2.

Team Fortress 2 is one of the greatest treasures owned by Valve. It’s fair to say that its structures and gameplay had a big influence on the birth of famous Hero Shooter games like Overwatch.

5 PlayerUnknown’s Battle Royale Mods

PlayerUnkown Battle Royale - Aiming at the guy on the tower

PlayerUnknown was Brendan Greene’s alias. He created one of the most influential Battle Royale mods among the few that have been created. It was an Arma 2 mod based on another mod, DayZ. The battle-royale mod has removed zombies and added weapons all over the map for players to seek out. All of these ideas are very similar and most likely were inspired by the Battle Royale manga.

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Brendan Greene also later updated the mod to Arma 3. He eventually became a creative developer for Bluehole, finally being able to turn his vision into PlayerUnkown’s battleground. This title would go on to become one of the 15 best-selling PlayStation games of all time.

4 Defense of the Ancients

Acient Defense - Kardel Sharpeye shoots around

Here is another mod that created quite a genre. Defense of the Ancients wasn’t the first MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) mod created, but it was definitely the most famous. Originally a Warcraft 3 mod, Defense of the Ancients grew so popular that it rivaled the game that created it.

This game is solely responsible for the existence of games like League of Legends, DOTA 2, Smite and all other MOBA games created after the original DOTA. The world can also thank this mod for the eternal discussion between DOTA 2 and League of Legends.

3 The dark module

The Dark Mod - A Thief Experience

It started as a modification of Doom 3 in 2009, and then it became its own thing. The dark module was meant to be just a recreation of the original Thief gameplay. Eventually, it evolved into something of a spiritual successor since it is an indie game.

The best thing about The Dark Mod now is that it’s a completely free-to-play first-person stealth game that pays homage to Thief and pays homage to him, but he also manages to be his own thing. the same time.

2 Street Fighter 2: Rainbow Edition

Street Fighter 2 Rainbow Edition - Ken throws too many Hadoukens

Street Fighter 2 is one of the most popular fighting games of all time to date. This has taken the franchise to an unattainable level of popularity. Even though the series is in its fifth numbered title and has had many other spinoffs, Street Fighter 2 still sells and is played frequently. However, the game could have been forgotten if there had been no mod.

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Street Fighter 2: Rainbow edition was a faster version of the original game. There were also a lot of new moves. Although the mod was out of balance and quite broken, people were interested in playing it just because it was new, different, and faster. This ended up inspiring the newer, faster versions of Street Fighter 2 which had new characters and moves. This is particularly enjoyable because Capcom generally associates some facts of lore with the movements of the characters.

1 Slaughter area

Killing Floor - the original mod

Originally a Quake mod, Killing Floor was just a game about killing zombies and dealing with increasingly harsh waves of zombies. It is the predecessor of the zombie modes and mods available for other games. This mod was so influential that it inspired the survival first-person shooters that exist to this day. Chances are, it was thanks to this mod that games like Left 4 Dead came to fruition.

This mod eventually became a fully released game, also known as Killing Floor. Eventually the game world got the big Killing Floor 2 as well.

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