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10 most powerful mythical rare cards in gaming history

As the oldest collectible card game of all time, Magic: The Gathering currently has over twenty thousand unique cards that players can use in their decks. Cards come in a variety of forms and in a variety of rarities. While when the game first launched in 1993 each booster came with a rare card, in 2008 with the release of Shards of Alara a new rarity was introduced: the Mythic Rare. When opening a Magic Card Pack, there is a one in eight chance that instead of a pack containing a Rare, it will instead include a Mythic Rare. The Mythic Rare are often some of the most powerful and mechanically complex cards in each respective set, making them incredibly sought after. So today we’re going to take a look at the myths from Magics’ past and see which ones were the most powerful!

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Before we begin, we need to clarify for the sake of this list, each card presented should have appeared as a normal Mythic Rare in Boosters, not a Special Masterpiece card.

ten Mage Snapcaster

snapcaster mage mtg wizard art

A staple of the modern format, Snapcaster Mage is a mono-blue wizard with flash for two mana. Upon entering the battlefield, Snapcaster Mage provides an instant or sorcery in its owner’s graveyard with flashback until end of turn, allowing most of the best cards in a player’s deck to be cast. one more time. While the card was originally printed as a rare card in Innistrad, it has appeared as a Mythic card in each of its subsequent reprints.


9 Bitter flower

amerblossom fairy mtg art

Like Snapcaster Mage, while the original Bitterblossom print was also rare, every time it has been reprinted since, it has come in the form of a Mythic Rare. A two-mana black enchantment, Bitterblossom causes its controller to lose a life at the start of each of their upkeeps, providing them with a 1/1 Flying Fairy token that can still be used in a variety of strategies, from aggro to aristocrats.

8 Cave of souls

cave of souls mtg art

The only country on this list, Cavern of Souls was first printed as a rare in Avacyn Restored and has since seen several reprints as a Mythic rare. Upon entering the battlefield, that land’s controller chooses a creature type.

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While Cave of Souls can be tapped to produce colorless mana, it can also be used to produce any color mana as long as that mana is spent to pay a creature of the chosen type. If so, that creature can’t be countered! This makes Cavern of Souls one of the best terrain choices in tribal decks of any color, preventing key cards from being thwarted.

seven Urza, lord great craftsman

art assistant urza mtg

Printed as part of Modern Horizons, Urza, Lord High Artificer is one of the most obviously powerful and thrusting cards in recent memory. A legendary blue creature for four mana, Urza allows her controller’s artifacts to be tapped to produce blue mana, functioning as one of the best blue mana ramp cards of all time. In addition to this effect, and the fact that upon entering the battlefield, Urza even creates an artifact creature token with strength and toughness proportional to the number of artifacts its owner controls, Urza even offers a location to sink all that mana! For five mana, Urza allows her controller to shuffle their library, then play the top card without paying their mana cost!

6 Liliana of the veil

liliana of the magic veil the gathering

Iconic and powerful mythic first imprinted in Innistrad, Liliana of the Veil is an effective three-mana black Planeswalker. Regardless of what Liliana’s abilities a player chooses to activate, this card will always confuse their opponents. With a +1 ability that forces each player to discard a card, Liliana’s -2 forces an opponent to sacrifice a creature.

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If an opponent makes the mistake of letting this card stay, Liliana’s -6 ultimate ability splits all permanents an opponent controls into two stacks, forcing that player to sacrifice all permanents on the stack of their choice.

5 Ragavan, agile thief

monkey ragavan mtg art

The most recently printed entry on this list, Ragavan, Nimble Pilferer is an incredible legendary red creature printed in Modern Horizons 2. An economical 2/1 for a single red mana, not only does Ragavan generate a treasure token when he inflicts combat damage to a player, but it also exiles the top card of that player’s library as it does so, allowing that card to be cast by Ragavan’s controller this turn. As if that weren’t powerful enough, for players trying to hide Ragavan from opponent’s suppression spells, this legendary pirate monkey has access to a two mana dash cost.

4 Wrenn and six

wrenn and six planeswalker mtg art

Appearing as a Mythic alongside Urza in Modern Horizons, Wrenn and Six is ​​a two-mana stellar planeswalker who was set to be banned in the Legacy format. Able to repeatedly use the ever popular salvage lands by returning lands to its owner’s hand with its +1, this planeswalker’s -1 can inflict damage on any target, just ‘a mouthful of utilitarian creatures like the birds of paradise. While less relevant than its other two abilities, this Planeswalker’s ultimate -7 ability provides every moment and sorcery in its controller’s graveyard with a retracement, providing an ability comparable to that of the Snapcaster Mage.

3 Mana chest

mana vault artifact mtg art

Mana Vault is an incredible artifact that produces mana for one mana that can be tapped for three colorless mana. However, Mana Vault does not normally untap unless its controller pays four mana during its upkeep, taking damage if this card is tapped. Despite this via the myriad of useful untap effects found on other cards as well as cards that require permanents to tap for extra mana, with the right setup this downside is negligible.

2 Mana Crypt

mana crypt kaladesh masterpiece art

Overall, one of the best mana ramp spells in Magic history, in recent years Mana Crypt has seen a plethora of reprints, each of mythical rarity. An artifact that can be played for free due to its zero mana cost, Mana Crypt can be tapped to produce two colorless mana. This is an exceptional advantage that has made the card a staple of the Commander format. While the card is “balanced” by having its controller flip a coin during their upkeep, taking three damage if they lose the throw, the value of that mana far outweighs that damage.

1 Strength of will

strength of will

While there are many powerful counterspells in Magic history, few are as powerful as Force of Will. Although the card predates Mythic Rarity, every impression she’s seen since the introduction of Rarity has been Mythic. While the card has a high mana cost of five mana, that counterspell’s mana cost can be ignored if its caster exiles a blue card from their hand and pays a life. This can allow a player to counter an opponent’s first spell, even if the Force of Will caster has not yet played a single land.

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