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2021 Big 12 Championship game story, but who takes over? Baylor says they will

ARLINGTON, Texas — There were more references to the northeast corner of AT&T Cowboys Stadium on Wednesday on the first day of the 2022 Big 12 Football Media Days. The two teams competing in the 2021 Big 12 Championship Game, Baylor and Oklahoma State were among the five home teams on day one. Dezmon Jackson who had the ball in his hands this last play and was stopped inches from the goal line and the pylon in that corner is now at Sam Houston State. Jairon McVea made the winning tackle and he graduated.

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The game.

However, there is a lot of talk about this game and whether Oklahoma State can use it as motivation, as Spencer Sanders and other Cowboys hinted Wednesday. Baylor hopes this is a signal and the start of more success especially in December at Arlington. Head coach Dave Aranda admits they could still train for championship moments.

“I mean we called a time out and we didn’t get a time out. I think that’s probably the first thing. I don’t know if I should say that

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Aranda speaks to the media.

“So you could kind of feel something like that was happening, and we had been in some games last year that were like that,” Aranda continued. “But you know, Jairon McVea, if there was a door to open, Jairon would open it. If there was trash on the ground, he picked it up. If a meeting started at 8:00, he was there at 7:50. If it was — if a meeting started at 8:00, he’s there with his pen and paper open. He was always that guy.

Aranda will tell you he needs more guys like that to keep the Bears in the right direction. One of them is linebacker Dillon Doyle. Doyle has played in both the Big Ten and now the Big 12.

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Dillon Doyle was great with the media.

“For a long time Big 12 Oklahoma has been the norm because they’ve won all these championships in a row. We want to be that team in this conference,” Doyle began. “Alabama nationally is the norm, Alabama and Georgia are the teams with all those playoff appearances. We hope to be that. Those are lofty goals, and we don’t take them lightly. We’re looking to grow and we know those are the disciplines daily life that will get us there.

I agree with his last sentence and can’t wait to find out who has the most discipline on a daily basis. It could be a very close race, you know the one that is decided down to the centimeter.