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7 Most Iconic Gangs In Video Game History

Gangs are pretty big in gaming. They don’t appear in every title, but there have been a significant number of them over the years, especially in crime games like Grand Theft Auto and Saints Row. In fact, there have been enough that most have been forgotten. However, there are also several that are almost impossible to overlook.

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These crews can be memorable for a variety of reasons. They may have featured very prominently in an iconic game, or they may have left an impression when they appeared. Either way, these are the crews the games will never forget.


seven Tunnel Snakes – Fallout 3

There are several different gangs in the Fallout universe – not to be confused with factions like the Brotherhood of Steel or the Minutemen. Most of them are raiders that the protagonist encounters while roaming the desert. However, the most memorable gang is that of Vault 101 and is called The Tunnel Snakes.

Each member looks like a character from the movie Grease due to their leather jackets and 1950s hairstyles. On the back of these jackets, they have a cool logo. And they act like typical high school bullies. They don’t have a big role in the game, but they make an impression in their brief screen time.

6 The Joker Gang – Batman Arkham Series

There are plenty of villains in the Batman Arkham series, but the Joker is the most prominent. He serves as a thorn in the Dark Knight’s side throughout the series. However, he cannot be everywhere at once. So he needs help setting up all the tricks he uses on the bat. Additionally, he sometimes needs people to act as cannon fodder to slow down his nemesis. That’s why he has his own gang.

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Each member wears silly clown makeup to look like their leader, but they’re still an intimidating bunch. Well, they’re intimidating to the average person. Batman easily dispatches groups of them at once.

5 Tojo Clan – Yakuza Series

As you would expect from a series called Yakuza, the games revolve around the notorious criminal organization of the same name. Several opposing clans serve under the Yakuza banner. The main one in the games is the Tojo clan. This is the group that contains many of the main characters. For example, the series’ main protagonist, Kazuma Kiryu, is an occasional member of the clan.

Generally, their goal is to make as much money as possible. But their focus sometimes shifts to survival as many enemies try to take them down. Whatever they do usually forms an important part of the narratives of Yakuza games.

4 Team Rocket – Pokemon Series

In many Pokemon games, the protagonist regularly encounters people dressed in fancy outfits with a capital “R” on their chest. These people are members of Team Rocket, which is a wicked criminal gang that roams the Pokemon world.

Since this is the Pokemon universe, they don’t rob banks or boost cars. Instead, they attempt to steal the world’s rarest and most powerful Pokémon. Theft isn’t their only crime, as they often mistreat Pokémon as well. Fortunately, the protagonist always thwarts his plans, which minimizes the overall damage he causes.

3 Families of Grove Street – Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

At the start of GTA: San Andreas, the protagonist CJ returns to his childhood home on Grove Street. Then he quickly joined the Grove Street Families. The GSF is a street gang that operates in Los Santos. CJ and his brother Sweet are the leaders, but there are a lot of members, from story characters to random NPCs walking down the street.

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They do everything you would expect from a traditional street gang, like vandalism and theft. But for most of the story, the GSF deals with even less honorable factions, such as their rivals the Ballas and Officer Tenpenny’s corrupt cops.

2 Third Street Saints – Saints Row Series

The Saints Row series features all kinds of criminal gangs. The purple-clad Third Street Saints are the most memorable as they are the centerpiece of every game. As such, most of the main characters are members, such as Playa, Johnny Gat, Shaundi, and Pierce Washington.

The group changes a lot throughout the series. They start off as a typical street gang. Yet they quickly become famous and become celebrities. Then, after saving America, they became the Cabinet of the United States and the first line of defense against an alien invasion. So they certainly have an interesting history.

1 The Van Der Linde Gang – Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2 is all about the unstoppable downfall of the once proud set of outlaws known as the Van Der Linde gang. Arthur Morgan is one of the most prominent members of the crew and serves as the game’s main character. The leader, however, is Dutch Van Der Linde, who is incredibly charismatic. In fact, pretty much the whole gang is hanging on his every word. The rest of the group is made up of people from different backgrounds and moral compasses.

In general, their perpetual goal is to make money. As such, they continually rob trains, stagecoaches, and banks. Yet they are not purely evil as they sometimes help people. No matter where they are on the moral scale, they will never be forgotten.

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