Game history

Analogue Pocket has its own OS to “explore the entire history of video games”

The Analogue Pocket will get its own operating system when it launches later this year.

Multi-system portable handheld video games from retro console maker Analogue will come with Analog OS, which the company calls a “scholarly and definitive operating system” that allows users to “explore, discover and play through the history of video games.”

The great feature of the minimal looking operating system is its’ library ‘, which has a huge database built from scratch by Analogue,’ system by system, game by game, region by region, developer by developer, editor by editor, review by review “.

This means that gamers can extract box images or title screens for the games they play, and the Pocket will be able to instantly read physical cartridges to identify the exact version of the game.

Another major feature is ‘Memories’, which makes it possible to capture, save and load the state of a game directly from a cartridge, and even share it with other players.

Analogue also said that the analog operating system is just the start and all future analog products will be built with the operating system.

However, the company makes a distinction between preserving video game history and pirating. At the end of his long Twitter thread, he adds: “Analog Pocket does not read copyrighted rom files, nor empty game cartridges. It reads legacy game cartridges directly through the cartridge slot. . To play a game in the library, you will need to insert the game cartridge to play it.

On his website, he also states that Pocket “does not use any bios files from any other entity. Analogue designs all hardware.

The Analog Pocket has been delayed from its May 2021 release date until October, although its new release date is tentatively in December.

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