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Best invincibility bonuses in video game history

There are few things as satisfying in just about any video game as being completely and utterly invincible. Enemies that threatened you before are nothing more than minor annoyances to stomp on as you breeze through a level without a care in the world.

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Of course, a game can never leave you invincible all the time, lest the fun be completely sucked away. This is why invincibility is usually given out in the form of bonuses and special abilities. You might not be able to use them all the time, but it makes the few moments when you can use them all the more enjoyable.


ten Power Pellet – Pac-Man

Imagine being stuck in an endless maze where you are constantly threatened by a herd of multicolored ghosts. You can’t stop them; all you can do is outrun themthink their. Then, suddenly, you find this glorious sphere: the Power Pellet (also known as Energizers, Power Food, Power Pills, and Power Cookies). One bite, and suddenly the hunted becomes the hunter.

Apparently, after his original game, Pac-Man started keeping Power Pellets around. In the 1982 Pac-Man animated series, Pac-Man and his family live near a forest where Power Pellets grow on trees, and he keeps an emergency cache of them in a box outside his house. . You spend enough time being hunted by ghosts, you learn to keep your perks close at hand.

9 Wonderwing – Banjo-Kazooie

Of all the collectibles in Banjo-Kazooie, and there are quite a few, there are surprisingly none that grant invincibility in place. Indeed, rather than invincibility in place, Banjo-Kazooie puts the power in your hands with the Wonderwing ability.

When activated by the player, Wonderwing makes Banjo and Kazooie completely invincible to all damage, whether from enemies or obstacles. The only catch is that they need golden feathers to maintain the Wonderwing state. Of course, you can just use the infinite feathers cheat code and run through the whole game like a shiny ball of invincibility if you want.

8 Invincibility Candy – Kirby Series

Kirby is already an invincible boundary entity, and we should be so lucky that he feels merciful to us. On rare occasions, however, a single candy is enough to bring Kirby to unstoppable status. Nothing less than a bottomless pit can stop Kirby after he eats a shiny piece of Invincibility Candy.

Fans have speculated that Kirby’s state of power when he eats a piece of Invincibility Candy is actually the result of a sudden sugar rush. It makes sense; Kirby’s whole life revolves around food, so if a candy had a certain density of pure sugar, it couldn’t be ruled out that it would affect him physically.

seven Super Star – Mario Series

Since the very first Super Mario Bros. game, the Super Star has been the staple invincibility power-up, accepting no substitutes. When Mario catches one, it begins to flicker and flash like mad, dazzling enemies as it rushes through the fields of the Mushroom Kingdom and beyond.

Later Mario games introduced nifty variations of the Super Star, such as Rainbow Star from Super Mario Galaxy and the gigantic pixelated Super Star from Super Paper Mario. Really, the only thing better than being invincible when using a Super Star is hearing that classic invincibility clink.

6 Reflective Shots – Blood

Blood has a traditional invincibility power-up, Death Mask, which makes you completely immune to all forms of damage, but it’s not as interesting as the alternative: reflective shots. When you pick up a Reflective Shots power-up, not only are you completely immune to enemy attacks, but any attacks that hit you are immediately reflected back at your attackers.

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This means you can just stand still while an entire squad of monsters surround you and let them kick and shoot you all they want. You can then watch all of their heads suddenly explode from their own attacks. Of course, it doesn’t work on fire and spirit attacks, so maybe don’t take it for granted.

5 Super Sonic – Sonic the Hedgehog Series

Perhaps the only invincibility power-up more established than the Super Star is Sonic’s Chaos Emerald-powered Super Sonic state. It takes a plot work to get this ability in most 2D Sonic games, as you must enter and complete each bonus level to find all the Chaos Emeralds. When you do, however, all you need is 50 rings and a jump, and you’re off to the races.

In modern 3D Sonic games, Super Sonic is unfortunately relegated to mostly final boss status, adding an extra dash of strategy and gameplay. Although, on the bright side, that usually means you can count on a great games theme song whenever Super Sonic pops up.

4 Bullet Bill – Mario Kart Series

Item systems in Mario Kart games aim to prioritize those who are lagging behind. The further away you are from first place, the more likely you are to get something cool to help even the odds and close the distance. Although you can get a Super Star for invincibility, there is a much more satisfying option: Bullet Bill.

When you activate a Bullet Bill, your cart turns into a gigantic, uh, Bullet Bill! With the power of Bill’s oversized rocket engine, you’ll outrun the competition, blasting them at high speeds and selling no potential attacks. Of course, you never know exactly where your trajectory will leave you when it fades, so you might find yourself flying straight off a cliff.

You didn’t think the Super Star was the only invincibility option in the Mario playbook, did you? No, this plumber has several ways to make himself immune to evil, and one of the coolest and most iconic, potentially even more than Super Star, depending on who you ask, is the Metal Cap from Super Mario 64.

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As Metal Mario, not only is Mario completely invulnerable to enemy attacks, but he can also breathe and move freely underwater. While it may not have the vertical swimming offerings, just being able to run and jump normally underwater makes it much easier to navigate. And of course, we can’t forget to mention this awesome remix of the invincibility theme.

2 Infinity – Persona 3

Invincibility in a JRPG? It’s more likely than you think! Through the use of Fusion Spells, special abilities unlocked by having certain Personas in their core, the Persona 3 Protagonist can cause all sorts of beneficial effects. Naturally, one of the most beneficial is Infinity, brought about by a combination of Vishnu and Ananta.

Infinity makes every character in your party completely invincible for one turn. It might not seem long, but one turn can make all the difference in a battle where a single attack can wipe out a group. In Persona 3 Portable, Fusion Spells have been replaced with consumable cards rather than regular SP Skills, but if you know how to get them, you can still use Infinity in abundance.

1 Berserk – Doom

If there’s one thing the Doom Slayer is best known for, it’s his limitless, inexhaustible source of pure, fiery rage. The guy is completely angry 24/7, but what would it be like if he was even angrier than that? Well, it would probably look something like when he gets a Berserk power-up.

Under Berserk’s red-tinged influence, not only is the Slayer invincible, but his hands become even deadlier weapons than they already are, crushing almost any enemy with a single punch. In Doom (2016), in particular, he also has access to special Glory Kills while Berserk, several of which are even more brutal than usual.

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