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Biggest GTA Online Updates in Game History

GTA: online is one of the most commercially successful online experiences of all time. As part of Auto grand theft 5the online mode has greatly surpassed the story mode of 2013. GTA: online self-sufficient, but it was not always overflowing with the content it has now.

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Part of what makes GTA: online so successful is the range of content from which they can choose. They can spend their time racing through the city streets of Los Santos or the eccentric loops of a stunt race. Alternatively, they can rob with friends or strangers, or just buy some really weird stuff. The possibilities are endless, and that’s thanks to the many updates over the years.


ten High Life Update

As a content update, the High Life Update introduces a range of new weapons, cars, clothing and apartments. This update was available from May 13, 2014. In addition to bringing players the beloved Bullpup Rifle, it also allowed them to own two properties simultaneously.

What makes this new feature so important is that by the time 2014 rolled around, gamers had quite a stacked wallet to spend. By having two apartments in the game, they were allowed to show off their money and show off to other players. It also allowed them to store more vehicles because there are so many good ones there.

9 Content creator

On December 10, 2013, Rockstar released the Content creator update. The importance of this update cannot be underestimated for those with the creative imagination to bring such exciting game modes and races to players. This helped bring the game to life, with players bringing other players new experiences.

This update was a working editor and allowed players to create their deathmatches and races. This ability allowed creativity to flow. Thanks to game modes like “Rockets vs Insurgents” and a plethora of high-speed and challenging races in the skies. Rockstar has given players the freedom to create and share with this update.

8 Executives and other criminals

With a release date of December 15, 2015, the Executives and other criminals The update was a major content update that brought players everything from weapons and cars to helicopters and boats. Players were able to create criminal organizations on the loose and invite each other to become part of their group. They could also buy houses in the hills of Vinewood.

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The most notable part of this update was the inclusion of Super Yachts. The ultimate flex of a player’s wealth was the Super Yacht. Players could pour money into a giant ship bearing the name of their choice. It came with a helipad, hot tub, bartender, and rooms for all those friends to hang out in.

seven trick stunts

Ten new ground vehicles were brought to GTA: online on July 12, 2016. This update introduced new fan-favorite vehicles into the fray. The RE-7B was renowned for its top speeds and race car-inspired experience. It was the vehicle to use in the races, and with this update, an abundance of those very races that this car was perfect for.

Stunt races were introduced, which featured hoops, loops, and fiery ramps that hold high in the sky. This update was a game-changer for racing, as the game embraced the silliness that most racing games should aim for. Players could create their wild stunt races, creating an endless supply of creative stunts.

6 The Cayo Perico robbery

2020 saw the December 15 release of The Cayo Perico robbery. This content update introduced players to a new way to rob and a whole new evolution of gameplay in GTA: online. For the first time in the game’s history, a new island has been added. The island of Cayo Perico can only be accessed through the heist itself.

Players can start the heist process by purchasing a submarine, which they can drive freely through submerged waters. The heist itself is replayable, with many different things to pawn and steal, and tactics to use. It was the first heist to allow solo play.

5 Bikers

If players are into motorcycles and gangs, then this October 4, 2016 update is for them. This content update included thirteen new ground vehicles, as well as new clothing, tattoos, and weapons. Players can also spend their in-game money to purchase a Clubhouse, which gives them the opportunity to run a motorcycle club and start a business.

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Motorcycle Clubs were a great way to hang out with friends, as players have a base to interact with, show off their motorcycles, and play darts. Players could purchase a Clubhouse anywhere, from the desert plains of Sandy Shores to the bustling streets of Los Santos.

4 The apocalyptic heist

It had been two years since GTA: online gave gamers new heists, and as they clamored for more great content, Rockstar delivered on December 12, 2017 on the heist front. This update made the game shine with new and exciting content. Back to the Future fans can fly in the Deluxo, an obvious homage to the DeLorean. Not only that, but they could buy a facility that served as a spy base and give them access to the Doomsday heists.

These heists were structured in three acts and were a great addition to both the financial and story content in GTA: online. Players again assist Lester in more espionage, a “save the world” type of heist. These range from breaking into the Humane Lab, to hijacking submarines, and shutting down a nuclear launch facility.

3 The contract

December 15, 2021 saw the return of the fan favorite GTA 5 characters. One of the three protagonists, Franklin Clinton, has returned, notably aged since his appearance in GTA 5story mode. He was joined by loyal good dog, Chomp, and his best friend and occasional ball breaker, Lamar Davis. Players could buy an agency and access brand new opportunities.

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With an agency, players could become part of F. Clinton and Partner, which has grown as a firm specializing in “celebrity solution agencies.” These story missions had fans helping none other than Dr. Dre and the mystery and recovery of his phone.

2 The Diamond Casino and Resort

On the July 23, 2019 release date, gamers would have an abundance of cash to spend or play. With the release of this update, players could now purchase the Master Penthouse and become VIPs of the new Diamond Casino. Along with new story missions for online play, 22 vehicles, and 500 new pieces of clothing, the casino was truly the selling point.

The casino itself was very stylish, with plenty of things to spend that hard-earned money on. Once a day, players could spin the wheel at the casino for a chance to win the car on the podium, or something as miserable as a snack. They could bet their money on blackjack tables, simulated horse races or slot machines.

1 Heist Update

The Heist Update was a great success for GTA: online. The game had been teasing heists since the reveal of the Online before 2013. On June 10, 2015, it was finally here for online gamers. Heisting was great fun for many in GTA 5The story mode and the ability to plan and execute player-style heists with friends were a big hit.

Along with an abundance of new vehicles for land and sea, the inclusion of Heists is what has spurred so much life into GTA: online. It was a fast and fun way to make money through criminal activities. Something that has always been part of Grand Theft Auto DNA.

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