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#BlackoutStarWarsEclipse Trends Over Star Wars Game Developer Choice

Fans have started a new Twitter hashtag to call out Quantic Dream’s past misconduct and demand that Star Wars Eclipse be in better hands.

star wars fans take to Twitter to denounce the fact that Quantic Dream is in charge of star wars eclipseciting studio head David Cage’s notorious allegations of homophobia, misogyny and fostering a toxic and abusive work environment. star wars eclipse was first unveiled at last week’s Game Awards 2021 live stream event after months of rumors and speculation, with the game’s trailer showing off several interesting characters and locations from the era of the High Republic.

However, any excitement some players may have had for star wars eclipse was tempered by the Quantic Dream logo at the end of this trailer. Quantic Dream is known for producing several story driven games like Indigo Prophecy, Beyond two soulsand Detroit: Become Human – titles that place a heavy emphasis on storytelling and player choice rather than gameplay. Unfortunately, the studio has earned another, far less positive, reputation in recent years for allegedly fostering a toxic work environment of sexual harassment and employee squeeze. In 2018, Quantic Dream employees filed a complaint about Photoshopped racist, sexist, and homophobic images of themselves circulating in development offices, which co-CEOs David Cage and Guillaume de Fondaumière tried to downplay by dealing with the matter in court. David Cage has also received quite a bit of backlash due to some derogatory and discriminatory comments he has made about women and the LGBTQ community, even going so far as to admit that his projects sexually objectify female characters on purpose – something that games like. Heavy rain have been criticized in the past.


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This did not go unnoticed by star wars gaming fans, who started the Twitter hashtag #BlackoutStarWarsEclipse to bring attention to Quantic Dream’s past toxic behavior and demand that star wars eclipse be handed over to another less problematic developer. Many of these fans feel that Quantic Dreams is unsuited to developing a video game set in the new High Republic era, which has been hailed by many for its stronger representation of female and LGBTQ characters – the very groups that David Cage has bashed him in the past. These fans fear that Quantic Dream may use the star wars allowed to tell a story that demonizes these communities, thereby destroying the goodwill that this increased representation has fostered. star wars fan accounts like star wars explained gave their support behind #BlackoutStarWarsEclipse, stating that they will not cover star wars eclipse while David Cage is involved.

This new reaction against Quantic Dream and star wars eclipse comes at a time when sexual harassment and abusive work environments are to be reckoned with in the gaming community. Earlier this year, the state of California launched an investigation into Activision Blizzard after a two-year investigation into reports of sexual harassment and discrimination at the mega-publisher – as well as allegations from high-ranking executives like Bobby Kotick aware of this misconduct and doing nothing to stop it. Geoff Keighley recently spoke out against sexual harassment and abuse at the start of The Game Awards 2021 event, though many felt that sentiment was undermined by Keighley not mentioning Activision Blizzard by name and the awards show which followed with a trailer for Quantic Dream.

Although it remains to be seen what action star wars parent company Disney will face mounting backlash from Quantic Dream’s involvement with star wars eclipse, if any – but fans are speaking out in numbers that might be too big to ignore. Rumors have indicated that star wars eclipse will still be in development for at least another three or four years, but players are calling for action now.

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