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Elden Ring Game Awards trailer tells the story of the game

A new Elden Ring trailer debuts at the 2021 Game Awards, revealing the history of conflict in the world of FromSoftware’s latest game.

recap of the history of the ancient ring

For the second year in a row, Ancient ring won the most anticipated game at the Game Awards, solidifying its place as one of the hottest games of the current generation and now the next generation. While the award was just a coincidence, TGA host Geoff Keighley was ready to welcome his boyfriend “potty” onto the show to present a new trailer for Ancient ring.

Fans of FromSoftware who might be concerned about gameplay spoilers need not worry; this trailer is made up entirely of pre-rendered footage. In fact, it wouldn’t be surprising to see this as the opening cutscene of Elden Ring when it finally releases in February.


Beyond building on the hype for Ancient ring, the new CG trailer gives fans a taste of world history in Ancient ring. This sets the stage for the mystery of who destroyed Elden’s eponymous ring and what prompted them to do so. In the game, the player character must try to unite the pieces to rebuild Elden’s Ring (which looks more like a crown), but he may find a darker secret along the way. Either way, the destruction of the Elden Ring sparked a war that saw demigods fighting among themselves.

At the end of the trailer, it features Malenia wielding her massive sword (fans can purchase a statue of Malenia in the Collector’s Edition) in battle against another opponent, but the storyteller explains that their fight is pointless. It’s a common theme in FromSoftware games – the futility of conflict – but the trailer ends with a silver lining. If the player character is successful in their efforts, they might change the current state of the world to Ancient ring.

Although Ancient ring bring Game of thrones writer George RR Martin to help bring his world to life, it still looks a lot like the From Software brand. Even the styling of this trailer evokes a tone and style similar to the trailers featured for the Dark souls franchise. Large Gothic castles, massive creatures with unique designs, and a delicate female character imploring the player to be the savior of this world are all key indicators of a FromSoftware game.

Obviously, the developer knows what fans expect from their games and fans are scrambling to play. Ancient ring. Due to the unknown nature of its release date last year and then postponing to February of next year, Ancient ring has the unique honor of winning the most anticipated game for two consecutive years. Hopefully the February release date holds – the month is filled with major game releases – and it doesn’t have a chance to repeat itself.

Ancient ring releases February 25, 2022 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X / S.

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