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Elder Scrolls Online’s Matt Fior talks about the game’s story, High Isle and new updates

It’s one of the biggest game series since video games started, the old scrolls games have a history of nearly 30 years.

Although we haven’t seen a game like Skyrim since 2011, an online site old scrolls the adventure has held the reins for eight years and even attracts the prowess of Hollywood stars.

As of the end of its last story update, high islandthis massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) has expanded the old scrolls world beyond expectations, including those of game director Matt Fior.

The Elder Scrolls Online first launched in April 2014. (ZeniMax Online Studios)

“I mean, there were high expectations about working on the old scrolls and with online play – and in the age of, you know another huge, huge game,” Firor told

“So the expectations were high.

“But yeah, we’ve done really well, and we’re very, very, very happy and humbled where we are now.”

Fir has worked at ZeniMax Online Studios for 15 years, directing elder scrolls onlineand from the start.

“If you think about what online gaming was like in 2007 compared to today, it’s night and day – and so ESO had to evolve over its lifetime, even when it was in development. before it comes out,” he said.

ESO’s new Firesong DLC ​​is available now on PC, coming to PlayStation and Xbox in November. (Zenimax Online Studios)

The elder scrolls online studio was founded in 2007, when Elder Scrolls Oblivion was at the top of the food chain.

Fir says his team had to rethink some parts of the game’s development before the release of Skyrim to keep pace with player expectations.

“If you think about the progress of the community, the old scrolls community, not only with Skyrimbut just with lore pages, and with people just cosplaying and that’s like the whole thing old scrolls phenomenon is so much bigger today than it was,” he said.

“We are very aware that we are carrying this torch at this time to old scrolls and we want to make sure everything we do is consistent with that,” Firor said.

The game started out as a subscription-only service, but was revamped shortly after launch to allow more players to come on board.

“We changed the game in 2016 so you could just log in and play without worrying about your level, like there was no level cap, and that was probably the biggest change that made the success of the game is now,” said Firor, adding that the ZeniMax team has never been afraid of change.

Matt Fior is Game Director at ZeniMax Online Studios. (Provided)

Before diving into the world of old scrollsFior worked on The Dark Ages of Camelot and says it has witnessed many technological changes over the past 20 years.

“We (Mythic Entertainment) started working on The Dark Ages of Camelot in 1999,” he said.

“So yeah, it was like everything was different.

“The infrastructure, the graphics, the computers, the consoles – although Camelot wasn’t on consoles – but you know, it shows that even when ESO was founded… it was still halfway past the Stone Age.”

The ZeniMax Online Studios team is one of the largest in the world, made up of hundreds of talented developers, writers, artists, programmers and producers.

“We’re a really big studio,” Fior said.

“We are working on ESO, we also have another unannounced title.

“So between the two, it’s a lot and we work with a ton of subcontractors and so it’s a big project.

“It’s one of the greatest I know.”

High Isle sees players embarking on the Legacy of the Bretons questline. (ZeniMax Online Studios)

The studio is hard at work finishing content for this year’s major update, High Isle, but there’s still plenty to do for the future, including ESO 2023 content.

“We’re also doing more mundane things like upgrades, updating all of the hardware and all of our data centers because, you know, we have to and people don’t realize that making games like this one isn’t just about the game side, it’s also about the IT infrastructure and making sure everything is up and running,” he said.

While there have been some setbacks in upgrading data centers due to COVID-19, Firor says it’s a project they expect to be completed within the next six months.

Billy Boyd, who plays Pippin in Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings, appears in ESO: High Isle. (Bethesda Softworks)

Earlier this month, a new update was released for High Island – the new Firesong DLC ​​adds hours of new content and a new area for players to explore.

The elder scrolls online is no stranger to Hollywood, often snagging some of the best voice actors and actors of our time: John Cleese, Michael Gambon, Kate Beckinsale and Bill Nighy, to name a few.

ESO High Island saw as like the Lord of the Rings‘Billy Boyd, thrown alongside The last of us‘Troy Baker and Laura Baily.

“We are, of course, working with the Hollywood infrastructure to make sure we’re reaching out to the right people and doing it the right way,” Firor said.

“If you look around at all the games that different studios make, you know, high-quality voice acting is one of the unifying factors.”

According to Firor, the dialogue and depth created by the game’s characters add a whole new layer of immersion.

“To anyone reading your article, definitely turn up the volume when playing as a lot of the game relies on audio, and voices in particular – it’s amazing.”