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Embracer Group buys old games to ‘preserve game history’

group of kissers, formerly known as THQ Nordic, has created a new company to preserve video games. Embracer Group says it wants to “archive and safeguard as much of the video game industry as possible”, preserving the culture of gaming with its new company.

The Swedish holding company has announced its intention to preserve the history of video games. As the name suggests, Embracer Games Archives will work to preserve many titles in the video game industry. David Boström, who currently manages the archive in Sweden, will also lead the Embracer Games archive.

Embracer Archive will preserve the gaming industry

It looks like Embracer Group wants to continue its shopping spree with its most recent acquisitions of North American studios Square Enix, Eidos Montreal and Crystal Dynamics. And now the company has set its sights on old games you put in storage.

Embracer Group has a very special game archive. According to a blog post shared last week, the archives are only kept in a “secret vault” outside Karlstad in Sweden. It is also stated that it already contains more than 50,000 games, consoles and accessories.

According to Embracer Group, the archive department opened after CEO Lars Wingefors donated part of his huge collection to the company.

“Imagine a place where all physical video games, consoles, and accessories are in one place. And think about what that might mean for gaming culture and enabling video game research.

At Embracer Games Archive, we believe that games carry a legacy worth celebrating and saving for the future. Our goal is clear: we want to archive and save as much of the video game industry as possible.

Embracer Games Archive now wants to buy video games from private collections or get donations. The Sweden-based group has also opened up new positions to work in the archives, such as Game Archivist, COO, and Warehouse and Logistics Manager.