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Fortnite Cube Town is about to change gaming history

Fortnite Season 8 saw the debut of Cube Town, a place all about the chaos created by rogue cubes. The latest Fortnite v18.40 update will likely be the last update for Fortnite Season 8, and Epic has made great strides.

The developer is laying the groundwork for the next live event and with the new update, the convergence in the center of the map has taken the form of a giant pyramid.

With only a few weeks left for Fortnite Season 8, many suspect that the Pyramid will play a major role in the Cube Queen’s plan to destroy the island, which will result in a new map.

Fortnite: The new pyramid structure could propel the Cube Queen’s army towards the destruction of the island

The new season introduced fans to the Cube Queen, who controls every cube in the game and seeks to destroy Fortnite Island. She’s been flying over Cube Town since the start of the season, and it looks like she can suck energy from the ground. With the birth of the pyramid, the queen of the cube may be in her supreme form and will stop at nothing to destroy reality.

Previous leaks revealed at least 18 phases the Cube City went through to evolve into the Pyramid. Based on all the information so far, the Fortnite Season 8 Live Event is split into seven stages and each stage will add one thing or another.

So it’s called the pyramid prism in the files.

The pyramid has already incorporated the golden cube and the leakers have found more interesting information about the structure. According to FortTory, the pyramid is called the Pyramid Prism in the Fortnite files. The data miner also shared a spectrogram they discovered in “an audio file for the Cube Queen”.

It looks like the structure could power up the cube queen’s army and at some point explode, eventually causing the map to be destroyed. An explosion could even result in a large black hole, as previous leaks have suggested.

The alleged explosion generated from inside the pyramid could wipe out the entire Fortnite island, giving players a new map for Fortnite Chapter 3. The new chapter will be released on December 7.

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