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Game Developer – Salad Ventures, Backed by Multicoin, Launches “GameFi’s Udemy”

Put on your learning hat for some ‘Udemy of GameFi’.

Singapore, December 6, 2021: Salad companies today announced the launch of its massive open online course (MOOC) platform – salad academy. The new academy provides a comprehensive introduction for gamers to the burgeoning world of blockchain gaming and is part of the project’s plan to develop a scalable and comprehensive gaming ecosystem.

‘The Udemy from GameFi’:

Established as a play-to-win guild in May this year, Salad has evolved to offer a three-tiered offering to its ecosystem, with the academy forming the tip of its spear.

Co-founder and project manager Felix Sim explains: “Play-to-earn is the beginning of Work 3.0. While most guilds focus on aggressive asset acquisition and yield, Salad’s North Star is infrastructure and education. This approach will enable the entire Play-to-earn industry to create sustainable value for all stakeholders.

nicknamed the Udemy from GameFi, the free online courses initially focus on Axie Infinity but the team is currently adding courses for games including Mines of Dalarnia, happy land and Mini Royale.

Axie Accreditation is available at two levels of certification – Basic Axie and Arena Mastery. Full course material includes videos and presentations, and requires completion of online tests with scores above 80% for progression and ultimate certification. The academy will soon include the creation of free NFT certificates to its graduates.

The academy aims to generate scholars who – whether representing Salad’s existing guild – Apollo Squad – or playing elsewhere, raise the bar of gameplay for the entire industry, with a certification that will be recognized by any leading guild.

Manage a growing guild:

Apollo Squad is on track to have over 1,000 scholars on its roster by the end of the year. The guild rose to prominence by adopting a new “salaried” approach to its scholars. This absorbs the risk of currency fluctuations hurting players’ earnings from guilds using a revenue-sharing approach to P2E games, while providing exceptional players with a substantial salary and bonus structure based on their performance. Apollo Squad Fellows are trained and equipped to double the performance requirements of other top-tier guilds

Building on the core team’s experience in technology and human capital management, the guild’s rapid growth saw Salad develop its own GuildOS. The complete guild management suite that covers onboarding, monitoring, asset and player management. GuildOS goes far beyond the industry standard of free “read-only” online academic tracking tools.

Already attracting leading investors:

The six-month-old project has already seen its vision of a systemized approach to gambling to win endorsed by major investors including Multicoin Capital, Kosmos Enterprises, Capital of rare stones, GBV, OSAZ and Project Galaxy. The salad is also supported by prominent angels, including Santiago R Santos, Anthony ‘Pomp’ Pompliano, Jack Herrick, Ryan Zurrer, Matteo Franceschetti, Savneet Singh and Tin Nguyen.

Mable Jiang, Partner at Multicoin says, “We have always sought a systematic way to embrace the new paradigm of labor relations in the Web3 world. salad academy and GuildOS, both under Salad companies, will complement each other: the former will structurally improve the quality of labor and train a specialized workforce for the supply side, and the latter will optimize the operation and management of the various corporations on the demand side. We are delighted to support Felix and his team to strengthen the Web3 job market. We believe they are the right team for this big vision with their operational expertise in Apollo Squad and their past experience.

Prominent Web3 investor Santiago R Santos added, “Guilds have proven to be extremely important onboarding funnels for new users venturing into Web3. I love Salad’s approach of providing the most comprehensive program to educate users. The opportunity here is for Salad to become the go-to Web3 University and I’m excited to support Felix and the team on this journey.

Salad is currently in talks with a group of investors looking to partner with the project through its private sale and in the meantime is actively recruiting product managers, developers, UX specialists and senior managers. to join his team.



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