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Game developer Will You Snail is coming to PC and consoles on March 9, 2022!

The platformer leaves a slimy trail until March 9.

Games without gravity announces the launch of Will You Snail – long-awaited game made by a solo developer and Youtuber, Jonas Tiroller ( – for Nintendo Switch, Playstation and XBOX on March 9, 2022. The game will also be available on Steam on the same date.

Will You Snail is a unique platformer where an evil AI predicts your move. Avoid AI-generated traps, solve optional puzzles, and uncover the simulation’s dark secrets….

The developer has prepared a special video about the date reveal – watch it below:

Platforms available: PC, Nintendo Switch, XBOX and Playstation


Fast precision platform. AI generated traps. Arrogant vocal lines. Fight. Brain teaser. Snails. Unicorns. A story about artificial intelligence and a dark secret to discover.

The evil AI Squid tries to predict your movement a few seconds in advance and uses this information to try to stop you from reaching the end of the level. Will you win this intellectual battle or will Squid find yet another reason to laugh at you?

Many levels in Will You Snail are relatively empty by default. The challenge comes from interactions with evil AI. You can change the difficulty at any time or let the game decide which is best for you.

Solve easy puzzles to calm down from the action. There are also more difficult puzzles, but each puzzle in Will You Snail is completely optional and can be skipped if you wish.

Find secrets, collect clues and try to piece together where you are and what happened. Will You Snail tells a pretty crazy story about artificial intelligence, simulation theory, and the future of mankind.


AI Predictions – AI Squid will try to predict your movement and use that knowledge to your disadvantage.

Varied Gameplay – Puzzles, Basketball, Tower Defense, lots of variety in a very short time.

Captivating Story – Uncover the truth about AI, simulation theory and the future of mankind.

Automatic Difficulty Adjustments – Let Squid adjust the difficulty for you (or decide yourself how much you’d like to suffer)

Will You Snail will release simultaneously on Steam and Nintendo Switch, PlayStation and XBOX on March 9, 2022.

More information about the game can be found on the Publisher’s Twitter, Publisher’s Discord, Developer’s Twitter, and Developer’s Discord.

If you would like to interview this solo developer or obtain a copy of (p)review, please contact Krzysztof Wojdyla to [email protected]

On Games without gravity:

Games without gravity is an independent boutique publisher specializing in console publishing and creating value for games.

On Jonas Tiroller: 27-year-old independent game developer from Germany. Who’s been making games pretty much since he was ten years old. While studying game design at HTW Berlin, he joined the three-man team Grizzly Games to release my first commercial game ISLANDERS (which turned out to be a surprising success by indie standards). Recently, he launched a YouTube channel to document his journey as a game developer and the creation of his first commercial solo project, Will You Snail.