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Get The Ultimate XBox 2023 Ft. 3 Months Xbox Live Gold Game Dev Bundle For Just $19.99

The Ultimate Xbox Game Developer’s Pack 2023 Ft. 3 Months Xbox Live Gold offers 8 amazing game development courses and 3 months of Xbox Live Gold for just $19.99 for you for the next few hours. In this massive 8-course bundle, you’ll get a variety of features, skills, games, and learning details about creating your own games.

  • Xbox Live Gold: 3 month subscription: Join the best gaming community on the fastest and most reliable console gaming network, you’ll get 2-4 free games every month
  • Introduction to Unreal Engine game development: Start learning the basics of game development by exploring an unreal engine
  • Unreal Engine mini-projects: Build three distinct mini-projects: clickable balloons that expand and burst, stackable blocks that can pop up, and a third-person player controller
  • 3D Micro-Project: RPG Point & Click: Start learning the mechanics of 3D RPGs by moving your characters in a point-and-click micro-project
  • Create a turn-based micro-RPG: In this course, you will build an in-unit micro-project focused specifically on how to build a turn-based combat system for your RPG projects. You will learn important skills such as creating different attack styles, managing combat formulas, and visually representing this with 2D assets and the Unity UI system.
  • Action RPG development for beginners: Explore unity and build a 3D action RPG complete with animations, AI and more
  • Build an arcade game in Unreal Engine: Build an arcade-style road-traversing game in the Unreal Engine while mastering level layouts, collectibles, and more
  • Create a platform game in Unreal Engine: Learn how to build a platformer with collectibles, enemies and more with the powerful unreal engine
  • Develop a first-person shooter in Unreal Engine: Immerse yourself in creating action games by building a first person shooter with the powerful unreal engine. Using Unreal Engine’s Blueprints visual scripting system, you’ll master a variety of FPS mechanics – while creating a simple FPS game with animated enemies. Upon completion, you will have acquired integral game development skills that can be applied to a wide variety of other action-based game genres.

You can get this amazing “The 2023 Ultimate Xbox Game Developer Bundle ft. 3 Months of Xbox Live Gold” for just $19.99. For more information on prices and courses, see the store link.