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GTA 6 “Rasses a man” is in a bigger game in history

Earlier today, on September 18, a new series began producing the first images on video that would have shown the first shot of Grand Theft Auto 6. The fire has accelerated on social media. It has been alleged that a hacker managed to hack into a Rockstar employee, stealing massive amounts of data from a Slack account. At this time, these claims are yet to be fully confirmed, but if true, this concerning GTA 6 leak could be the biggest gaming event of its kind.

Traditionally, Rockstar Games has been able to protect a certain amount of money, even if a few scraps leak out early on. However, if proven to be legit, this leak blows the entire GTA 6 project to pieces, with the hacker apparently acquiring 10,000 lines of the games source code. There are also allegations that the hacker secured GTA V elements of the source code, preventing a PR nightmare for Rockstar Games and an event that happened nine years ago.

Read on to learn everything we know about this incident.

GTA 6 leaks have spread like wildfire.

This alleged leak came nine years after the day GTA V was released. (Image credit: Rockstar Games)

In a tweet, Jason Schreier, a trusted and popular news source, made it clear, “That was good, not a word.”

Not that there were many doubts, but I confirmed to Rockstar sources that this weekend the massive Grand Theft Auto VI leak is definitely true. The footage is coming soon and is not finished. It’s one of the biggest leaks in video game history and a nightmare for Rockstar Games.

This alleged leak is unlikely to affect the security of Rockstar Games in general, but its impact also harms Grand Theft Auto. It’s one of the most anticipated games in history, and nearly a decade later, the series’ first time around, iterations were pretty dark in the dark. Now, thanks to this news leak, fans of the franchise know the exact time and location of the game, how it’s structured, and even the names of the main characters.

Currently, a ticking time bomb is resting in the hands of Rockstars. The legendary developer should now have to fix the holes on the ship so quickly they could damage it, consolidating any damage and ensuring stolen source code isn’t even possible. If left untreated, hackers could use this information to create cheats, especially to disrupt the game later.

This will definitely slow down the development of the game. After an incident happened in Half Life 2, and the game was delayed for an entire year; at worst, the project was nearly canceled altogether.

What exactly happened to the CSC?

There are so many internet assets floating around today, ranging from stills to gameplay minutes. In one long clip, the two characters rob a small-town restaurant before being attacked by local police. In another clip, we see tests that reveal large maps, which are quickly identified in various ways as being entirely based on Vice City.

There were also photos suggesting that the male and female characters are both common protagonists at the same age and possibly even siblings. It could get worse over time and more content will be listened to via social media. The game is fierce competition for Rockstar Games, and we expect the developer to issue a statement in the coming days, and potentially go to the game’s official public reveal, so we can save face.

Currently, Take-Two Interactive, owner of Rockstar Games, has removed notices regarding some of the materials posted online. This is not a confirmation, but it is a sign of the alleged leaks.

Let’s see what happens step by step.