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How Wall Yellers Affect Game Flow

Wall screamers have been a problem for Big Brother since the early seasons. Although guests may not always hear them, they can affect play.

The wall criers are Big brother the fans trying to shout things at the guests while they are in the garden on the other side of the wall. Guests don’t always hear what the criers are trying to tell them; however, when the guests hear them, it can ultimately affect how the rest of the game plays out. If caught by security, these individuals can be in a lot of trouble.

Last week the Big brother The game was turned upside down when Julie Chen Moonves revealed the latest twist for the season. This Big brother twist split the house in two, with Bro-Chella inside the house and Dyre Festival outside. All week, two separate games take place because each side of the house has no communication with the other. At the end of the week, two guests will be kicked out of the game.


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Since half of the remaining guests currently live in the backyard, there has been a greater possibility of wall criers trying to relay messages to these players. When this happens, the whole game can ultimately be affected. Most of the time these wall howlers try to convey messages to the guests regarding the game. They usually try to ruin the gameplay of a specific player or players. The wall criers try to reveal secrets to the guests that only the Big brother live stream viewers can find out.

Although guests may not always hear what the wall screamers are trying to tell them, when they do, it can ultimately affect how the game plays out. This can cause guests to question their own game or their allies. So much so that the way nominations and evictions play out can completely change after a wall crier incident. For instance, Big brother Live viewers may recall that this week there was an incident with wall criers trying to tell outside players that Kyle Capener is a liar. Since then, there have been no live streams for Dyre Festival guests.

Rumor has it that Dyre Festival attendees have been moved to an isolated part of the Big brother sound stage always away from other guests in order to avoid the Big brother wall howlers. If true, these wall screamers have completely ruined the way this season’s twist was supposed to play out. On top of that, fans also cannot watch these guests on the live streams, which can sometimes lead to cheating rumors. It’s unclear if guests heard the Wall Scream or if it will be mentioned in future episodes of Big brother.

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