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iRacing acquires prolific racing game developer Monster Games

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This week in racing games news:

iRacing acquires Monster Games

In exciting news for “iRacing” fans, the game’s parent company, also colloquially known as iRacing, has just acquired Monster Games, the company responsible for great racers such as the majority of “NASCAR heat“series,”Tony Stewart’s Spring Car Race“, and even “Excite Truck” back in the days of the Nintendo Wii. We often championed the “NASCAR Heat” series on our weekly racing games livestreamand I can’t wait to see what this collaboration holds for players of the future.

The Bugatti Rimac Nivera is coming to ‘PUBG: New State’

“PUBG: New State” players will be treated to a quick surprise later this month when the Bugatti Rimac Nivera is added to the game as part of the mobile battle royale.”first collaboration. “The game has featured drivable vehicles in the past, but this is the first ‘real-world’ vehicle to make an appearance. Find out for yourself later this month by downloading the free game via the App Store or Google Play Store.

“Dirt 5” is available on Playstation Plus this month

If you’re a Playstation gamer, be sure to check out this month’s selection of Playstation Plus games. In addition to “Persona 5 Strikersand “Deep Rock Galactic,” “Dirt 5will be available to add to your library for free (not including the cost of the Plus subscription, of course) until February 1.

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