Game history

James Cook breaks biggest run in CFP Championship game history

Duke’s NCAA Tournament run is officially over, and it turns out they may have been the latest victims of one of the sport’s most notorious curses.
Rapper Drake posted on his Instagram Story on Saturday that he bet $100,000

North Carolina celebrates

Duke and North Carolina met Saturday in the NCAA Tournament for the first time in history, and the game not only met all the hype, it exceeded it.
There were many lead changes, several big hits, and tons of biting moments. Corn

Daniel Snyder watches

Of all the crass things Daniel Snyder has done throughout his tenure as owner of the Washington NFL franchise, the latest allegation might be something to spur his fellow owners into serious action.
The Washington football team has

Guster is for lovers sticker on laptop

Mike Krzyzewski got plenty of camera time during Duke’s Final Four game against North Carolina on Saturday. And that meant the ‘Guster is for lovers’ sticker a journalist had on his laptop also got plenty of camera time.

Mark Williams dunks the ball

Duke faced a few challenges in the first half of their Final Four game against rival North Carolina on Saturday in New Orleans, all highlighted by fouls.
Blue Devils starting center Mark Williams committed two fouls early in the game

Brian Cashman at a press conference

If you think you’re having a bad weekend, pitching prospect Robert Ahlstrom is probably having a worse one.
The Yankees traded Ahlstrom and fellow prospect Albert Abreu to the Texas Rangers on Saturday for veteran receiver Jose Trevin