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Jurassic World game developer shares slide 31% after missing sales targets

monday 22 november 2021 17:46

Frontier Developments, the video game maker behind Jurassic World Evolution 2, saw its stock price drop more than 31% at market close after missing sales targets.

The share price closed at 1700p per share.

The London-listed company said in its full-year update that sales of the Jurassic World game – the company’s biggest this year – had fallen below expectations on PC.

Frontier attributed the lower than expected sales to a “crowded release window” that saw a number of highly anticipated titles launch over the same time frame.

“Although initial PC sales were below our targets, the game is already enjoyed by around half a million gamers across all platforms, and is showing very good reviews and player reviews,” said the CEO and founder David Braben in a statement.

Despite the decline in sales, Frontier still expects Jurassic Park Evolution 2 revenue to exceed the first game in the first year after its release on November 9.

Frontier, who also did Odyssey and Planet Zoo, expects revenue to fall to between £ 100million and £ 130million for the next year.