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NBA All-Star Game history: Who has the record for most points in an NBA All-Star Game?

Update – Curry failed to get the final 3 points required to break the record and finished with 50 points in Team LeBron’s 163-160 victory in the 2022 All-Star Game. So Davis continues to be the record holder with 52 points in 2017.

As we watch Stephen Curry set the net on fire in Cleveland, we have to think he’s going to set the all-time record for most points in an All-Star Game. He has yet to set a record. So who owns it now? Los Angeles Lakers PF Anthony Davis is the record holder for most points in an All-Star Game when he scored 52 in 2017. He was with the New Orleans Pelicans when he set the record . However, no one really remembers AD’s time with the Pels.

Curry has 45 points in three quarters in the 2022 NBA All-Star Game for Team LeBron. All he has to do is hit three more treys to surpass AD’s record of 52. It seems like all Curry is doing in this game is going for threes. Curry was also heard on the sidelines asking what the record was, so you know he’s going to try to beat it the next time he steps back on the court in the fourth quarter. We will be monitoring its performance on several fronts. There’s a good chance Curry will win the ASG MVP if Team LeBron ends up winning.

Curry entered the game at 10/1 to claim MVP and hit +900. There is no time limit and the target score is 163 for Team Durant to reach 24 points. Curry starts the quarter and will likely play the rest of the game, giving him a good shot at breaking the record.