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Netflix’s ‘Resident Evil’ Show Ignoring Game History and Fans Are Pissed

The new trailer for Netflix’s upcoming TV adaptation of resident Evil has arrived, and it looks quite extensive. But that’s not exactly good news for OG fans of the long-running game franchise. Many of them want Netflix to be kept simple.

Twitter user @ImMatticusFinch posted a plaintive complaint that Netflix seems to have forgotten the game’s simpler origins, particularly the “Mansion Incident” that sparked the events of the very first game. As the Netflix series covers the world entire, of the fictional Midwestern Raccoon City in London, England, the original game was held within the confines of the Spencer Mansion in the fictional County of Arklay, the secret home of the Umbrella Corporation’s biochemical warfare experiments with the T -Virus that spawned the Leech Queen.

The upheaval is understandable on several levels. The resident Evil The Paul W.S. Anderson film franchise starring Milla Jovovich was also not a direct adaptation of the original video game and only used disparate elements from the game in its seven different installments. Many fans hoped Netflix would stick with the landing on a faithful adaptation, but, despite featuring A-level talent like actor Lance Reddick, it seems to be as loosely based on the source material as its predecessors.

Numerous comments on the trailer’s YouTube site point to the same frustration expressed by @ImMatticusFinch. User potatoguy21 writes, “I just want a real adaptation of the games and I want to see the characters we know and love come to life instead of just making up a story and new people who are loosely connected to Resident Evil because they mention Raccoon City and the T-Virus once or twice… Is that too much to ask?

Fans will have to wait until July 14 when Netflix will start streaming Resident Evil, to find out if the show offers any other ties to the original game other than shared terminology or if they’re stuck waiting for another adaptation to see the interior of the Spencer Mansion on something other than a gaming monitor.