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Nordic Game Talents aims to help recruit game developers in the Nordic region | Pocket

Games Factory Talents is a talent attraction agency based in Helsinki, with a service organizing game job fairs.

Games Factory Talents has partnered with Nordic Game to create Nordic Game Talents, an online and interactive three-day event dedicated to recruitment and career development in the creative and games industry.

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The event allows attendees to be part of the community and explore new avenues to achieve their career goals.

Participants in the event include Supercell, King, Panzerdog, Gamecan, Fingersoft, Funcom, Reworks, Dazzle Rocks, Redhill Games, and more.

These studios will be divulging information about their latest projects, work culture, and what it takes to be part of their team. The various gaming associations from Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Estonia will share their insight on the booming gaming industry in their respective countries.

There will be discussions on career development topics relevant to job seekers, such as how to ace a first interview. Additionally, there will be creative portfolio reviews and discussions.

Worldwide, experienced industry professionals and those just starting their careers are invited to join the event.

One-on-one interviews with recruitment studios can be scheduled via the events platform, and this will be a fantastic opportunity to get to know the studios and network with gaming professionals.

How to attend

Participating in Nordic Game Talents as a job seeker is as simple as filling out a Registration Form to receive a link to the platform. The event takes place on October 27 and the platform is called PINE. Attendees joining Nordic Game Talents will even receive a free pass to the Nordic Game Conference.

The recruitment studios present will benefit from optimal visibility on the Nordic Game Talents platform and social networks.

Additionally, studios will have access to participating talent for four weeks, providing ample time and opportunity to recruit and build a pipeline for job openings.

To participate in the event, contact Games Factory Talents CEO Oleg Paliy at [email protected]

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