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NY Mets hit homers in All-Star Game history

The New York Mets aren’t a franchise known for hitting a lot of home runs in their history. It’s a fact that carried over to the All-Star Game. Entering the 2022 Midsummer Classic, the Mets list to play in the best exhibition game of the summer is limited to two.

The two Mets players who got into the All-Star Game are, thankfully, names you should know. The first dates back to 1979, when disco was still a thing and gas prices were outrageous. At least right now we don’t have a disco.

Lee Mazzilli was the man called up to represent the Mets in that game. At the Seattle Kingdom, he stepped up in the top of the eighth inning to face Jim Kern. Mazzilli’s National League team trailed 6-5. After a big swing from him, the game was all tied together.

Interestingly, Gary Carter and Keith Hernandez made the second and third outs of the innings. No one knew at the time that a few years later they would all be teammates with the 1986 Mets.

Mazzilli’s home run was the first in All-Stars history by a Mets player. He did it as a reserve player. In 2006, someone did it as a starter and in his first at bat.

David Wright was named a National League All-Star in 2006 and made the most of his appearance. In a match between Brad Penny and Kenny Rogers on the mound (who would have guessed?), Wright mimicked Mazzilli’s dinger in tying the match.

Although it was only the bottom of the second, Wright’s homer tied the opener. The National League would only score once more. It was on crazy ground the next round that tackled Carlos Beltran.

Two Mets have homered in the All-Star Game. Fans are eagerly waiting for Pete Alonso or maybe even someone else to be the third.

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