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One of the biggest leaks in video game history

A hacker has distributed recordings allegedly depicting scenes from the upcoming GTA 6. Over 90 movies, including gameplay, are available for download. These have long since made their way onto the internet and are making a lot of noise.

Hundreds of leaked GTA 6 videos were released on the GTAForums site earlier over the weekend (they are now offline). These films provide the first video of the heroes of the game’s new plot, as well as a glimpse of their aesthetic style. It is even said that the source code is available.

The leaked videos of GTA 6 show an early version of the game with different development interfaces. As some of these videos are from 2021, it is obvious that this is not a final version. The leak revealed that the game will have two main characters, Lucia and Jason. This would validate a claim that GTA 6 might have a female protagonist. In this video, we watch Luca with captives in a cafe as she tries to flee the approaching police. Rockstar Games hasn’t formally commented on anything, though the uploaded videos are fairly professional, featuring voiceovers and lines of code and dialogue prevalent in games in the franchise. However, industry expert and writer Jason Schreier confirmed the leaks to be genuine after reaching out to his contacts at Rockstar Games.

If you want to observe for yourself, the content can be found at Resetera Where on Reddit.

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