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Pokemon GO game developer Niantic to cut jobs

Pokemon GO game developer Niantic has asked 8% of its workforce – or around 85-90 employees – to leave the company.

According to tech news site Engadget, the augmented reality (AR) game company has also canceled four upcoming projects.

Niantic CEO John Hanke wrote in an email to employees that Niantic was facing a period of economic turmoil and needed to streamline its operations to better position the company to weather any future economic downturns.

“We recently decided to halt production on certain projects and reduce our workforce by approximately 8% to focus on our top priorities,” a Niantic spokesperson told Bloomberg.

One of the games that have been discontinued is Transformers: Heavy Metal. Niantic and Hasbro announced this title in 2021 and have been testing it in select markets since last summer.

Niantic has canceled an immersive theater project called Hamlet. He was working on this project with the Punchdrunk theater group, which is behind an immersive production of Macbeth called Sleep No More. The other two abandoned projects are called Blue Sky and Snowball.

Niantic has yet to be able to recapture the smash hit of Pokemon Go in 2016, according to the report.

The company shut down an AR game based on Harry Potter earlier this year.

Meanwhile, Niantic will release an app that will help Pokemon Go players chat with each other. He is also working on an original game called Peridot and collaborating with other companies on AR apps.