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Qld Joins Game Developer Push With 15% Discount

The Queensland Government followed other states by opening its digital production incentive to game developers, offering a 15% discount to developers working in the state starting next year.

Annastated on Tuesday by Prime Minister Annastacia Palaszczuk, the move aims to support the local industry and attract interstate and international game developers and studios to Queensland.

The Queensland Post-Production, Digital and Visual Effects (PDV) Attraction Incentive currently offers 15% discounts for qualifying expenses over $ 500,000 for screen projects that use facilities in the state.

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It only applies to “stand-alone” projects – those considered to have alternative options between states or at the international level.

Next year, PDVA eligibility will be expanded to include video game developers and the spending threshold will be cut in half to $ 250,000.

“My government’s incentive for post-production, digital and visual effects is the most competitive on the east coast of Australia and is already a success, as it designs screen productions here that create jobs for people. hundreds of screen experts from our state, ”Prime Minister Palaszczuk said.

“By adding this new incentive to games, local and international studios will be further motivated to outsource the creation of valuable game titles in Queensland, while our own local developers will be supported to create original game content right here. “

Queensland’s move to attract more game developers follows similar incentives introduced in South Australia last year and New South Wales last month.

South Australia and Queensland are now offering game developers 10% discounts through their own digital production programs, while Victoria has made game development a focus of its new $ 190 million screen strategy .

At the federal level, digital gaming tax compensation will be available from mid-2022, providing qualifying game businesses that spend a minimum of $ 500,000 on qualifying Australian gaming expenses to receive a 30% refundable tax compensation. .

Consultation has not yet begun for the federal incentive, which has yet to define which expenses will be eligible.

The Queensland government has said the Games Incentive PDV will be offered from 2022 following an industry consultation.

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