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Save 98% on this 2022 Unity Game Developer Training Bundle

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March 11, 2022 1:00 PM EST

Today’s highlighted offer goes through our Online courses section of the Shop Neowin Dealswhere you can save 98% on this 2022 Unity Game Developer Training Bundle. Design, build, and launch the next big thing with 14 hours of game development content – multiplayer, 2D, survival, first-person shooter, and more.

This pack consists of the following courses:

  1. Build an arcade kart racing game
    Build an expandable 3D kart racing game with split-screen multiplayer in Unity
  2. Create a retro local multiplayer game
    Use Unity’s input system to create 2D action local multiplayer – Perfect for couch co-op experiences
  3. Introduction to mobile game development
    Create your first mobile game in Unity and learn how to detect touch input, create mobile games, and more.
  4. Create your first 2D game in Unity
    Start your game development journey with Unity by creating your first 2D platformer
  5. Survival game player mechanics for beginners
    Build survival games by learning key mechanics for first-person players and environment setup
  6. Action RPG development for beginners
    Explore Unity and build a 3D action RPG complete with animations, enemies, AI and more
  7. Build a first person shooter
    Create your own first-person shooter in Unity with challenging enemies and exciting gameplay
  8. Create your first 3D game with Unity
    Create a playable 3D game in Unity with levels, collectibles and enemies

Here’s the deal:

This Unity 2022 Game Developer Training Pack normally costs $1,600, but it can be yours for just $25, that’s a savings of $1,575! For requirements, certification, and instructor information, click the link below.

Get the Unity 2022 Game Developer Training Bundle for just => $25

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