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Star Wars fans invent hashtag to protest controversial game developer

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One of the biggest world premieres at The Game Awards in 2021 gave us our first look at Star Wars Eclipse, a new action-adventure title set in the world of the galaxy far, far away and developed by Quantic Dream, the studio that brought us Detroit: become human in 2018.

The first cinematic trailer was more than enough to generate the hype Star wars fans and portray some of the worlds David Cage and his team will visit in their next project. But some excitement about it deteriorated as soon as Bloomberg reporter Jason Schreier highlighted the controversial developer’s ongoing battle with several French media outlets over allegations of harassment and abuse in the workplace. – via a cheeky tweet published during the Game Awards.

Of course, Schreier was not the only one who brought this matter to our attention. Close scrutiny has already been placed on the Game Awards this year after host Geoff Keighley vaguely alluded to allegations of sexual harassment and abuse to Activision Blizzard, which was not present at the Game Awards this year. . Keighley’s comments were seen as far from an engagement in criticizing the Call of Duty developer directly. Thus, many Twitter users and Star wars fans worried about Star Wars Eclipse in light of the renewed emphasis on workplace misconduct in gsouls.

As of now, #BlackoutStarWarsEclipse is slowly gaining traction on Twitter, with many people jumping on the bandwagon and claiming they will boycott the new one. Star wars game, although we could still be years away from its release. Here’s what YouTuber Chase had to say about it:

Another person recalled a case in early 2021 where director David Cage allegedly made a homophobic statement, as Fanbyte reported. This person took to Twitter to express his opinion categorically, “He shouldn’t be allowed to come near Star Wars, no matter what his most diverse and tolerant era is.”

Another person using the hashtag claimed that although Star wars fans “want” a game set in the days of the Haute République, they don’t want it to be created by a company “that sees women and LGBTQIA + people [people] as lesser.

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Former Quantic Dream employees reported to The World in 2018 that the workplace is characterized by a “toxic corporate culture,” accusing Cage of making inappropriate comments to female employees and other actresses who appear in his games. many times. Quantic Dream went on to win a libel lawsuit against Le Monde, after the publication could not verify its claims without identifying its sources. Another defamation lawsuit brought by Quantic Dream against the French publication Mediapart was unsuccessful.

As for Star Wars Eclipse, the game that will be yet another multiple-choice button smasher from Quantic, we’ll have to wait and see if Cage and his team can get over this controversy or at the very least make amends.