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The 10 Highest Rated Female Wrestlers In WWE Video Game History

Over the years, WWE video games have improved over time in terms of female representation, going hand in hand with how talent has been reserved by the company. At one time female wrestlers were rarely rated highly in games, but over the years they began to be treated the right way.

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This has led to excellent ratings since then, especially in the WWE 2K games, with many wrestlers achieving major scores in games, being considered among the best in the entire roster. Some women have had high scores in multiple matches, but we’ll only include a wrestler once, with their high score.

ten Bianca Belair – 87 (2K22)

Bianca Belair has burst onto the pro wrestling scene since her arrival on the main roster. She quickly made her mark in the company, and it was reflected in the grades she received. For the latest video game, Belair received an incredible rating of 97.

Considering how reserved she is by the company, that’s certainly a fair score, and it’s something that will likely increase in the future. She brings power and athleticism to the ring, which has helped her develop a great score.

9 Alundra Blayze – 87 (2K17)

Alundra Blayze is one of the greatest female wrestlers of all time and someone who has had a huge impact on the wrestling world. She was a trailblazer back then and that was reflected in the score she received in WWE 2K17. She was pushed as an 87 rating, which was deserved.

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Scoring that high in this game was a huge deal, as it was rare to see it back then. However, it is something she deserved to have for the work she has done throughout her wrestling journey. His punchy style was fun for players to use in this one.


8 Sasha Banks – 88 (2K22)

Sasha Banks is one of the greatest women’s wrestlers of all time, and it’s reflected in every match she’s been in. However, his highest rating came in the most recent game. It’s the one she deserved, as Banks is definitely one of the best talents in the business.

Her technical ability is undeniable while adding top-flight moves and a great sale only makes her a more complete package. She is popular and will be chosen by a lot of people, which is another reason why she has an excellent rating.

7 Bayley – 88 (2K22)

Just like her best friend and tag team partner, Bayley has also risen through the ranks in the wrestling world, becoming a top star. Whether in babyface or a heel, Bayley is capable of entertaining the public. She plays fantastic matches, and that’s something that’s reflected in the last rating.

Bayley has fought her way to the top of the chart in the Women’s Division, and it’s something that’s highlighted in her latest score. 2K saw that she was one of the biggest stars in the industry, and that’s why she received such a high score.

6 Trish Stratus – 88 (2K22)

Trish Stratus has always been one of the highest rated wrestlers every year she’s been in the game. However, the fact that it took until the last match for her to achieve the highest score of her career shows how much things have changed in this regard.

88 is a solid mark for her, and something no one could argue with as she is considered one of the best female wrestlers of all time since hanging up her boots. The recent match with Charlotte Flair proved that she didn’t lose a step either, which is why she still deserved such a solid score.

5 Brooklyn Von Braun – 89 (2K20)

Somehow, one of the highest rated female wrestlers in WWE video game history is a completely made up character, Brooklyn Von Braun. She’s not a real wrestler, but someone 2K invented to be an antagonist in the video game’s My Player mode that year.

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She mixed an MMA training with professional wrestling and received an extremely high rating. At 89, she was more powerful than the vast majority of female wrestlers who were based on real people within the company at that time.

4 Asuka-90 (2K22)

Asuka is a fantastic professional wrestler, bringing great ability to the ring every time she performs. WWE has always pushed like a big star for the company, and that has matched his job. Asuka has also achieved high scores in video games.

This came to a climax in the final game as she hit a 90 rating. Asuka more than deserved that score though, as she can work as hard as anyone else in the company right now. .

3 Ronda Rousey – 90 (2K20)

Ronda Rousey was a special addition to the WWE 2K20 list, so it made sense for her to have a huge rating. She’s an attraction, and given her massive UFC career, the 2K series was never going to be able to give Ronda a low score because she’s someone people take seriously.

This resulted in her receiving a 90 rating within WWE 2K20, which was a huge score for her. She deserves it for what she has achieved in the fighting world.

2 Charlotte Flair – 90 (2K22)

Charlotte Flair burst into the 90s for the first time in WWE 2K22, which was a huge note for her. It’s the one she deserved, her work in the ring being sublime. She regularly puts on fantastic matches and her overall character is pushed as dominant by the company.

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Because WWE still positions her as a main event star and champion, it makes perfect sense for that to reflect on the video game. She’s got a lot of character, and because she’s a major name in the industry, she’ll always get high marks.

1 Becky Lynch – 92 (2K22)

The highest female wrestler in video game history was awarded to Becky Lynch in the most recent game. She’s one of the strongest characters in the entire game, which is a showcase of the major improvements 2K has made to scoring talents in general.

Lynch took the women’s division to new heights, and it was reflected in the score she was awarded this time around. She’s often seen as the face of the women’s list, so her having the highest score certainly makes sense from that perspective.

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