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The 10 Scariest Hallways in Video Game History

Watching horror unfold without any interaction is very different from experiencing it firsthand. Walk down a dark and ominous hallway because you have getting ahead is a whole lot different than watching a bunch of dumb teens take the same route on an easily accessible Uber ride.

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The best horror games twist your expectations and create an innovative approach to scare you away, whether it’s a sudden noise or some great creature design. Whether it’s the fear of jumping that scares you or not, here are the 10 Scariest Hallways in Video Game History.

ten Dead space

Dead Space Plasma Cutter Isaac Clarke

To be completely transparent, Dead Space is almost entirely made up of dimly lit corridors inside the towering mining vessel that is USG Ishimura. Whether it’s your first time as Isaac Clarke or not, there are still several hallways in the show that are the physical representation of the word “no.”

Aside from the more obvious and cheapest scary tactics the series is known for, there’s another unsettling scene in the game that does less to get you to jump out of your seat and more to evoke and encourage that unwavering sense of terror. Not too far in the first half, Isaac descends into another unwelcoming corridor. The crackle and splash of what looks like a bird flying through a window permeates the hallways, until you see a man’s shadow ram his head into the wall over and over again. As you get closer, it’s clear the marker has already gained the upper hand, and with one last slimy slam, his head pops.


9 resident Evil

Resident Evil Zombie Dogs barged in through the window

In just three camera angles and not exceeding a few seconds (if you’re avoiding combat altogether), this hallway from the first Resident Evil has stuck with players for over 24 years. If you love dogs, you might not be after this scene.

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As Jill charges into that particular hallway, she is greeted in, well, another quiet hallway. Only this one has zombie dogs smashing windows with the intention of tearing her to pieces. It’s loud, sudden, and too fast.

8 Survive 2

Survive Primary School 2

My god the Survive to the series sucks the life out of whoever plays them. It’s akin to riding the world’s tallest roller coaster and then breaking down for days at the top of the curve. While the first game has plenty of times to build up a full roster, Outlast 2 Elementary School is a big dark hallway.

While elementary school is one of the game’s two main explorable environments, there is a section towards the beginning that sees protagonist Blake Langermann meandering around the lockers. At first, it’s not clear exactly where you should go, but everything is set up for a ridiculous leap fear involving your demon chaser grabbing you and throwing you through the hallways. Stay out of schools after 3 p.m.

seven Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village House Beneviento fetus

It’s one of the most relevant entries of the genre, but House Beneviento absolutely deserves its notoriety. While some may find his part of the game rather hollow due to the minimal combat encounters and the overall “walking simulator” feel, he has done more than enough spooky edits on YouTube to be mentioned.

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Without going too far into spoiler territory, there is a hallway in Beneviento’s basement that houses a massive, bloody fetus. What makes this part of the game so unforgettable is the efficiency of its incorporation into this particular area. You sort of fall on him while dragging himself. Sure, lingering moans and moans alert you to his presence, but it all feels very genuine and deserved.

6 Doom 3

Vulgar doom 3

Bethesda and Id Software took a more traditional approach to Doom in its latest installments, but Doom 3 offered a much different kind of terror that’s renowned on its own. In the early hours of the game, Doom Guy walks into a dark room with his only source of light coming from huge glowing glass imps containers.

These containers are attached to a sort of conveyor belt, forcing the player to move quickly and check from all angles for the appearance of demons. This particular section was immeasurably more efficient before the flashlight mechanism attached to the BFG Edition player was incorporated, given that the player can now turn on their flashlight at any time and still fire their weapon. However, exterminating our demons with the BFG edition is a discussion for a later date.

5 Grocery store

Steam game convenience store

The indie scene is on fire right now, but there are so many that tend to fall through the cracks of oblivion never to be found. Concrete example, Convenience store. You play as a new employee at your local convenience store in your town, but of course things aren’t what they seem. Weird videotapes are delivered to your home every night, and weird things happen throughout your shift.

The explorable environment is not too expansive, offering only the main sections of the store, the bathroom for a single customer, the rear area behind the freezer, and the outdoor area near the rat-infested bins available to you. Towards the end of the game, as you complete your nightly responsibilities of restocking, cleaning, and monitoring security cameras, a ghostly apparition appears in the center of the aisle to scare the ever-living Bejesus. It’s good looking and efficient VHS, low budget fears place Convenience Store way above some of the other AAA titles.

4 Alien isolation

Alien Isolation Med Bay

While not without its flaws, Alien Isolation has kept all of its promises, delivering a nail-tense gaming experience bound by a fun, connected story to the core. Considering the graphic prowess of the CATHODE engine (built by developer Creative Assembly), Alien Isolation looked and felt completely authentic to the original films.

Its excellent lighting and fog systems made every hallway, no matter if the alien was around or not, all the more realistic. The medical bay portion of the start of the game puts you in a claustrophobic environment with the alien roaming the vents. All of this is made even more impressive by the unpredictable and procedural nature of alien AI.

3 Devotion

Taiwanese Devotional Horror Puppet Set

It’s unfortunate that Devotion has had such a troubled and controversial run in the market due to its recall, because it truly is one of the most horrific experiences in the media. The main gameplay loop sees the protagonist, a once famous screenwriter, travel through time represented by his apartment over the years.

His family issues and religious background are developed and made clearer to players throughout, but one lane in particular stands out above the rest. Wooden puppets appear throughout the game, hopping around the room when the player is not looking at them. At one point, the player leaves the living room to return to an entire room, looking you straight in the eye.

2 The evil inside

The sadistic scene from the Evil Within blade trap

The first ten minutes of The evil inside sees Sebastian escaping the sadist through the skin of his teeth. Visually, the whole encounter is simply stunning and meticulously decorated. After stealing his keys, the sadist discovers you and pursues you. Sebastian makes his way through narrow hallways leading to one that opens onto a blade trap.

Given Sebastian’s limp, he narrowly escapes death only to collapse on a blood-infested slope in a pool of blood. This moment will surely make your heart beat faster and serve as an almost flawless introduction to the demented world of The Evil Within.

1 TP

PT Silent Hills Lisa Hallway Demon

It would be doing a disservice to talk about scary hallways in video games and NOT include the playable teaser that popularized them. PT, or the ill-fated Silent Hills game, is essentially an endless spooky hallway. Each time the player re-enters the time loop, these weird paranormal events become all the more present the more you dig deeper.

During the first passages in the main rooms, you find yourself facing Lisa, the demonic entity that follows you throughout. Its features are obscured in the dark, but its shape can be clearly identified. As you get closer, the light bursts and it disappears. While not as instantly scary as the fear of the final jump, this section goes so smoothly and really prepares the player for their future experience.

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