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The 8 Best Horses in Video Game History

Horses have remained faithful companions throughout history. An animal you share trust with, an animal with a bond, and an animal that makes moving around fast a lot easier – perfect for those sprawling open worlds we so often find ourselves in.

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In video games, horses have appeared in different ways – from stylized characters to ultra-realistic interpretations. We’ll take a look at the most memorable horses in video games, from those lovable characters to some truly amazing portrayals.

shadowmere from skyrim in forest

Oh look, it’s Skyrim. This colossus of a game can easily be found in most video game discussions, and it’s no surprise to see it here. However, we’re here to talk about a certain horse – not those clumsy, war-hungry horses that look like they want to join in the fight against a dragon.

No, instead, we’re here for Shadowmere. A dark and mystical horse, Shadowmere first made an appearance in The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion, later returning in Skyrim. In both games, the horse is a reward as part of the Dark Brotherhood questlines and features a silhouette-like coat and glowing red eyes. Plus, he’s invincible, so go fight all the dragons you want – there won’t be a horse funeral today.


seven Grandpa – Animal Crossing

Grandpa on a swinging bench

In a game with hundreds of animal villagers, there are horses. Horses with many types of personalities. We could have included Julian the unicorn on the list instead, but he’s just a fake horse with a horn. Also, everyone knows Julian the unicorn of the galaxy, but where is the love for Grandpa?

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Papi is a lazy Animal Crossing villager and doesn’t stand out all that much. He’s a horse, he’s got a sweater, and he lives in a dirt house – but you know what, Grandpa is happy. He has a house, nice neighbors and doesn’t get ridden by a human. Sure, he owes a little debt to a raccoon, but aren’t we all?

6 Agro – Shadow Of The Colossus

Shadow of the colossus Agro and wanderer in the forest
  • Spoilers ahead for Shadow Of The Colossus

Agro – Aggravating comes to mind. This open-world PS2 game controls like a PS2 game and might be a little less than perfect, but it’s brilliant nonetheless. In Shadow of the Colossus, you’re fighting the camera as much as you’re fighting Colossi, and sometimes Agro just won’t go where you’re going. Probably for the best, but you have things to do.

That being said, while that love-hate relationship blossoms throughout your murderous journey through the forbidden lands, it’s still heartbreaking when Agro goes all out to get you across that bridge – the bridge she falls with. , at the end. Luckily, she survives and can be seen in the post-credits, but that doesn’t take away that pain in the moment. You did well, Agro. You did well.

5 Four Horses of the Apocalypse – Undead Nightmare

John Marston on a Burning War Horse in the Desert

Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare puts you in the shoes of John Marston, in a somewhat drastic alternate reality – there are zombies everywhere. After embarking on a quest to figure out what’s going on, you may encounter strange and interesting creatures across the world.

These creatures include the Four Horses of the Apocalypse: Death, War, Pestilence, and Famine. Each horse is uniquely designed and can be used as a mount for Marston, offering its own advantages over any regular horse. They’re memorable and a bit creepy, but we love them anyway. Whether you want a skeletal or slightly fired up horse, they’ve got you covered.

4 Jin’s Horse – Ghost of Tsushima

  • Spoilers ahead for Ghost Of Tsushima

In Ghost of Tsushima, you will spend a lot of time traveling with your horse. Near the start of the game, Jin is given a courier and can choose whichever one he wants, along with the name. The options for the name are Nobu (Trust), Sora (Sky), and Kage (Shadow). Once you’ve chosen your perfect horse, he’ll stay by your side through thick and thin.

However, as a game based on a cinematic and emotional story, tragedy strikes. In a series of truly harrowing events, your arrow-riddled horse will use every moment of its life to drag Jin out of harm’s way. Eventually, he collapses, leaving Jin broken and increasingly angry to exact revenge on those who wronged his people.

3 Roach – The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The Witcher 3 Geralt and Roach

Geralt de Riv spends most of his time in nature, with no one but Roach, his trusted friend. Whether it’s going a long distance, carrying that severed Griffin’s head, or just talking, Roach never fails to be there for this not-so-hardened Witcher.

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That said, Roach can be a little frustrating to actually control the game and will often do whatever she wants. She will even be frightened by all the horrors you encounter, and you will often have to use Axii to calm her down. Oddities aside, Roach is a loyal courier and one you’ll enjoy your time with.

2 Epona – The Legend of Zelda

Link and Epona crossing the OoT field Poster

A series everyone has heard of and an essential part of video game history, The Legend of Zelda is packed with some of the best and most iconic parts of gaming. Ocarina of Time still remains a favorite of many fans and was the first game to feature Epona – Link’s unlikely horse companion.

Bonded with as a foal to the Lon Lon Ranch, and rescued from there as an adult, Epona quickly became connected to Link and his iconic heritage. She continued to make appearances throughout games, Twilight Princess, and even available via an Amiibo in Breath of the Wild. We sure haven’t seen the last of this horse, as she appears to be reincarnating just as much as Link and Zelda themselves.

1 Every Horse in Red Dead Redemption 2

Arthur and horse walking towards the mountains

No other video game has depicted horses to the degree of Red Dead Redemption 2. Every species in this game has been crafted with great care, research and precision – and the horses are the shining example of how far that effort went. can go. From the wild behavior to the confidence he will gradually place in you, it will be difficult to overcome him.

We could talk about Arthur Morgan’s horse in particular and the emotional bond he shares with him throughout his journey, but every horse in this game deserves praise. After all, you’ll be spending so much time at camp with other characters’ horses, and you’ll be able to tame them and befriend as many people as you like. The level of detail here is unmatched and it’s a pleasure to spend time wandering around with these creatures.

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