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The 9 Most Fanciful Zones In Video Game History

Video games can take you anywhere you can imagine. From a land filled with corrupted undead to a land inhabited by platform meat cubes, their only limit is a game developer’s imagination and budget. More often, however, these worlds seem to be dark reflections of our own, allowing them to tell tales of desperation and violence.

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And we’re fed up. The world is pretty dark as it is, and sometimes you don’t want a game that reminds you of endless conflict. You want to go somewhere made of candy. You want fancy and marshmallows. Never be afraid, however. These are real escape zones.


9 Foam Cover: Slime Rancher

Imagine a lush forest filled with trees and flowers. Now imagine that same forest, only with sludge. Not the kind of slime that will make you all sticky or wrap you in digestive juices. Cute slimes. Slimes that smile and bounce with more joy than a toddler who just smashed his face into a piece of cake. Now imagine that a few of them have cat ears.

This is the kind of environment you will encounter in the Moss Blanket area of ​​Slime Rancher. It is with unbridled joy that you will waltz between the daisies to tame these wild and pathologically happy slimes. And while they’ll be just as excited when you bring them back to your farm as they hop around the forest, seeing them in a pen just isn’t the same.

8 Quiet Harbor: Ape Escape 2

So, you’re an anime-haired kid named Spike tasked with recovering hundreds of hyper-intelligent monkeys that have escaped from a lab. Is this the plot of the new Planet of the Apes movie? No, it’s just Ape Escape, Sony’s short-lived series that asks the important questions. Questions like: If a monkey could travel to a place like Venice, what would it wear and what job would it take?

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If your answer included a striped shirt, a fake mustache, and a career as a gondolier, you’re using Ape Escape logic. There’s a whimsical charm to the whole game, but Port Calm takes the cake by housing a mustachioed monkey gondolier that you unfortunately have to shove into a net.

seven The Super Happy Tree: Super Smash Bros.

The premise of Super Smash Bros. is actually quite dark. Set in a strange multiverse adjacent to Nintendo, the game pits friend against friend, lover against lover, in a tournament to see who is the most powerful. And your reward for this emotionally draining combat glove? The privilege of beating up a few disembodied hands. Why can’t we all go back to playing mini-games or racing karts around a track?

However, it’s hard to feel the deep desperation over all this senseless bloodshed when you’re fighting on the Super Happy Tree level. Inspired by Yoshi’s Island, the smiling heart dancing center stage gives the impression that everything will be fine. And, the upbeat melody pumped off-screen almost makes you forget that Donkey Kong just jumped off the edge of a precipice with Link in a steely embrace.

6 The village: strong men at sea

When three burly fishermen go on an adventure through a pastel-colored landscape, you know things are going to be okay. Although set in the 20th century, this self-proclaimed Scandinavian folk tale quickly emerges from the pages of the ordinary and into myth. And, like all myths, where you start is very important. It has to be nice so that adventurers have a place to go back to.

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In keeping with this trope, the starting village of Burly Men at Sea has all the rustic charm you’d expect from the folks who invented Hygge. Meeting its rosy-faced villagers and cheerful chimneys is like pulling a warm blanket over your head. If you didn’t have such a fantastic adventure to live, you could stay there.

5 Group Land: Rayman

As a series, Rayman isn’t known for taking himself too seriously, which isn’t surprising, given that the series’ most enduring enemy is a race of giant rabbits armed with pistons. While he has his toughest moments, Rayman is more at home on the fantasy side than the brutal, rambunctious protagonists we’ve come to know over the years.

The place that most reflects this fantasy, however, is Band Land. A series of areas made up of – pun intended – musical instruments, Band Land has some of the craziest obstacles in the game. turning. Even the menacing Mr. Sax is hard to mistake for a villain. Sure, he’s tough, but the whole time you’re fighting him, you’ll be wondering when he’s gonna release the Careless Whisper solo.

4 Jenny’s Room: Chibi-Robo’s Plug-in Adventure

Chibi-Robo has only one goal in life: to make people happy. Partly they do it by helping around the house, partly by just being cute as hell. Like a fancy Roomba that’s helpful, they roam around their owner’s homes, cook them dinner, and occasionally befriend a bird.

So it only makes sense that when the Sandersons buy their Chibi-Robo in Chibi-Robo’s Plug-In Adventure, it would fit perfectly into their daughter’s room. Wrapped in pink and inhabited by living toys, the bedroom is the perfect place to go to soothe your inner child.

3 Planet Cowbear: Katamari Forever

Occasionally, a robotic copy of the Lord of All Cosmos goes haywire and destroys most of the celestial bodies in existence. We’ve all been there, it happens. But while you might think the priority might be to remake the moon, so the earth can regain its tides, you obviously haven’t studied your star charts. The most important thing to do is to send your five centimeter tall protagonist to the only planet where cows and bears live in harmony.

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Unfortunately for anyone wanting to see the sites, Katamari Forever doesn’t allow you to visit Cowbear Plane, so its existence leaves more questions than answers. How did bears overcome their natural predatory instincts? What does a cow/bear cross look like? And, more importantly, how can we achieve the same camaraderie between humans as between omnivorous wildlife and the creatures we use to make cheese?

2 ARY-26: Journey to the Savage Planet

Kindred Aerospace wants you to know that you are not stranded on an unknown planet full of horrible monsters. You are stranded on an unknown planet full of horrifying monsters, but also very cute ones. This thing that just killed you is called a Floopsnoot. Isn’t he adorable?

Almost everywhere on ARY-26 is filled with vibrant colors, big-eyed birds, and precious natural resources. The entire planet is teeming with fantasy, which is why you, a corporate employee who doesn’t know what fun is, must subjugate and exploit it ruthlessly. Although its temples may contain more than you bargained for, there will always be a friendly puffball somewhere for you to kick over a cliff.

1 Treat Land: Kirby’s Epic Yarn

It’s hard to get more whimsical than Kirby’s homeworld, notorious glutton and living black hole, Popstar. And yet, when the evil wizard Yin-Yarn banishes you to the two-dimensional realm of Patch Land in Kirby’s Epic Yarn, that’s exactly what you get: a living world of fabric that would melt even the most hardened veteran.

While all areas of Patch Land have their merits, there is no area quite as exciting as Treat Land. Its castles are made of cookies and gingerbread. Its train tracks are populated with toy ducks. The place is so delicious that you are immediately grateful that Kirby has lost his ability to inhale enemies. He probably would have inhaled it all at once.

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