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StatHero, the next-generation Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) platform with unprecedented payout percentages and an emphasis on skill rather than luck, announces the easiest and fastest way to participate in betting athletes with their “PICK’EM” games. StatHero also offers players odds multipliers in certain “HEAD TO HEAD” house alignments.

The StatHero Platform continues to breathe new life into the DFS space with 884% annual revenue growth while enabling its players to post a winning percentage of over 50%. The startup that has seemingly cracked the code between high player win percentage and business profitability is releasing another innovative new gameplay in a bid to solve the biggest problem for the everyday fantasy gamer, their lack of time.

StatHero’s PICK’EM game is the fastest way to play the most familiar fantasy format against the house. Each contest simply pits two pre-selected, pre-released fantasy teams against each other and players simply select which side they think will score the most points. It was an immediate hit, especially in states where sports gambling has yet to be legalized. StatHero remains the ONLY independent fantasy sports company playable in 34 states (with more on the horizon) and with their PICK’EM gameplay, players in those states no longer need to sift through hundreds of players to create a composition. One click to designate a winner. It’s fantastic gameplay that fans love without the hours of analysis or tough decisions about who to start.

Jason Jaramillo, CEO of StatHero: “We take great pride in keeping things simple, fun and easy. And while the convergence of fantasy sports and sports betting can be difficult, we believe this new offering truly removes the intimidation and stigma surrounding everyday fantasy sports and sports gambling.

The revolutionary DFS platform has also upped the ante with its flagship “HEAD TO HEAD” (H2H) contests, offering up to 10x the odds on select H2H contests to test players’ skills with bigger payouts. StatHero has launched a new challenge that gives players higher payouts on their games if they can beat the displayed queues with a lesser wagering queue. Giving players control has been an innovative feature of StatHero and this new option is no different, giving players the ability to select the odds they want to play for.

StatHero now offers 4 unique ways to play DFS against the house that appeal to players of all skill levels and risk profiles: PICK’EM, HEAD TO HEAD, PARLAYS, and SURVIVOR POOLS. All games allow DFS players to compete against house queues instead of long odds contests against unknown users or fake prop games. StatHero recently passed its $4M Series A funding round and is focused on its Series B funding round which is on the horizon for this year.

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Combining the best of fantasy sports and sports games, StatHero is the first daily fantasy sports platform of its kind. The company has exploded in growth since its inception in 2019, thanks in large part to its simple gameplay, low engagement, and instant gratification. Stathero uses the familiar fantasy sports-based format to allow players to compete against posted lineups in a variety of professional sports and game types, including survivor pools, head-to-head and fantastic parades. Their patent-pending gameplay gives players an unparalleled edge in fantasy sports. It really is everyday fantasy the way it was meant to be played – one-on-one. For more information, visit: and follow us on Twitter @StatHeroHq.

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