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The most disappointing ending in video game history to date ends in the first half

A great ending is the perfect reward for our efforts, but not every game provided us with worthy conclusions. We’ve chosen seven of our most dastardly plays.

What better way to get to the end of a long, treacherous and, at first, dangerous adventure, and finally at the end of a satisfying adventure? Well, according to some developers, there aren’t many epilogues in the history of video games that have ever succeeded with the holeshot.

The holes, even in some cases, were mostly in the water, and they revealed themselves reluctantly, leaving some very poor players with a bad taste.

Before we could put the lid on all the spoilers, and to give it a shot, we decided to list 7 disappointing endings just a few years ago, and it inevitably made us scream, Ah! Is everything alright?

Effect 3: mass effects.

The result of Mass Effect 3’s soft ending is nothing short of epic.

Let’s start with a bang, but also with a clarification. The author of the article loves the Mass Effect Trilogy almost as much as Professor Gidobaldo Maria Riccardelli revered Battleship Kotiomkin, which is why including the third in the Bioware Saga saga on this list was a real agony.

Likewise, the record tells me we’re referring to the soft ending to Commander Shepard’s last effort, the one that followed the Extended Cut and attempted to put a piece in the corner. Dozens of brave comrades slain in battle, hundreds of epic battles, thousands of Reapers slain, untold dangers faced, all to choose between destruction, control and synthesis, in a triptych of decisions where every road doesn’t seem so bad from the other road.

Shepard’s sacrifice that has it all, even if it were Bruce Willis in Armageddon, might have deserved more attention from the writers, especially since this legendary genius of the space can trace in a video game firmament.

Half-Earth: Shadow of Mordor?

The Stern of Middle-earth: The sandy shadow of Mordor is underwhelming.

Do you feel anything greater than fighting for Sauron to the death? I bet he’s the quintessential murderer, the quintessential dark fantasy figure, the most enemy of all time.

All the kilometers that we have traveled in the adventure, all our efforts converge in this memorable duel that the developers have seen resolved how? Quick time.

That’s right, more than the actual ending in the Shadow of Mordor, we have it with the climax, with that moment that would allow us to see the whole journey that we’ve been on now, and that sadly doesn’t not.

It’s a great title and the reason it can’t be found is because the liar dissolves and dissolves the process in a hard way. Still, the conclusion of the work developed by Monolith Productions is the most adrenaline-pumping I can imagine in a video game. In such a jar, there is a treacherous solution that irreparably damages the experiment.

ghost goblins

Ghosts n Goblins’ ending is one of the most cruel in history.

Well, here we are in the realm of pure and simple sadism. Assuming Ghostsn Goblins was one of the greatest divine punishments for bad players, deep down you don’t expect to enjoy a pyrotechnic ending (it was 1985 anyway), but without consequence. And rather

In Sir Arthur’s frail armor we came across a villain of service when it was impossible to define him mad by virtue of the favor of his slap, not after many compliments and preparing to receive the award of the coveted reward, too bad that a ruthless writing informs us that everything is an illusion and that to see the true end we must continue the game again, to reach the end of the battle, for a higher level of difficulty.

It was a venture out of the hood of the human mind in the age of arcades, especially in a cabinet that was already greedy for each of our sweaty pockets.

Fable II

The choice in front of which Fable II places us in the end is unrealistic.

The video game community has embraced a wide range of theories. Among others, the famous one he created in the past, to introduce choices that could dissociate the video game from a game that is sometimes too restricted. For many, the chance to decide has finally arrived, but Fable II decided to use it at the worst of its time.

At the end of his odyssey, our protagonist literally stood face to face with Lucien Fairfax in a face to face that can be more surprising than an interview.

Once we get the better of the game, we are faced with a choice that redefines the boundaries of nonsense: see everyone who died during the adventure resurrect, let family members come back to life or get half over an amount of gold. that would be enough.

What did you do with it? Emotional transport: none. The values ​​are low. Just a question for us to talk about what it’s like to decide and hope that the team at Playground Games will be able to put this mess to rest with their new Fable.

The King’s Second King, Throne of the Old Republic: The Sithlords.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic The Sithlords was a huge game guaranteed by an ending that was an understatement to be defined overtly fast.

A time when the aftermath of the war began began with the aforementioned sick reputation.

The sequel to the mythical KOTOR is a more than valid title, which allows the dark or light side alignment to become its flagship, but its epilogue was enacted under the ax of Electronic Arts, eager to bring the game back to here Christmas 2004.

The hard adviser begged to start with a final conclusion in which we witness the summary of our decisions made during the adventure and what those will mean, and to say Here is what you have done. Do you really want to be ashamed? Hello. Credits.

You know a brand like Star Wars deserves a lot more treatment, but that’s when Christmas comes around.

Super Mario Bros. 2:2.

The second issue of Super Mario Bros. resulted in the fall of the weapons.

More than disappointing, the end of Super Mario Bros. 2 is tender because it recalls the typical expedient we used at least once in elementary school when the teacher gave us the task of creating and writing a story.

As for the innumerable vicissitudes, mysteries and shortages? It was just a dream! How sad. This is why the developers who have adopted this trick have no idea what to do to complete their work.

Choosing between Mario, Luigi, Toad and Princess Peach among the four characters, we will cross the lands of dreams until we come to King Wart, the frog who confessed to cursing the earth.

We defeat him to the sound of vegetables and stand ready to receive deserved acclaim as the wicked ruler is installed as a hunting trophy; but here we see Mario in bed dreaming the whole scene.

Ah, that’s how the teacher must have felt reading my little thoughts.

Sniper: Ghost Warrior.

With an hour away, the next thing you come out of is a tagline that the developer behind Sniper: Ghost Warrior decided to take literally from the start.

In City Interactive’s title, we must help the rebels of a fictional country to overthrow the government that has imposed itself through a coup. To do this, we can all the more rely on our dear sniper rifle that it is impossible to kill the militias at once.

And that’s the end of the game: and with a bullet estimated at 1,000 meters that has been placed in the forehead of the despotic General Vasquez, we are instantly faced with a disarming black screen that can only tell us about the end. . Completed. Everyone in the house is at home. There is nothing left.

The real spectacle must have been the faces of the players.

And you? What are your disappointments?