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The scariest characters in fighting game history

Fighting games are known for their varied rosters and always have many different types of characters to choose from. As a result, many fighting games will include characters designed to leave the player scared.

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Scary fighting game characters have remained a staple of the genre since they rose to popularity in the 90s, and some games base much of their aesthetic on creepy character designs. Whether it’s a spooky design, horrifying backstory, or unsettling dialogue, these fighters are sure to leave a chilling impression on the player in one way or another.


Q – Street Fighter

The most mysterious Street Fighter character of all, Q is a man of few words with an intimidating aura surrounding him. Wearing a metal mask and an oversized trench coat, Q’s actual appearance is unknown in the Street Fighter universe. In many of Q’s intros, pedestrians can be seen running away from him in terror, showing how much people fear him. During combat, he can be heard breathing very loudly while in his idle stance, adding to his intimidation factor.

In the end of Q, he is investigated by a handful of CIA agents, showing how he appeared in many case locations around the world for ten days, making him a person of concern at the World level. Q’s mysterious nature adds to his threat, making him one of the most fearsome street fighters around.

Faust – Guilty Gear -Strive-

In Guilty Gear -Strive- Faust has apparently gone mad. While Faust has always been an over-the-top character, what was once a goofy doctor in Guilty Gear XX and Xrd has become one of the most terrifying characters the show has ever seen.

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His behavior in Strive is very disturbing, sounding much scarier than in previous games and revamped animations that exude horror rather than madness. Her moves follow this trend as well, with moves that involve eating her opponents and spitting them out, setting them on fire, and sending a horde of mini-Fausts into battle. Despite all of this, Faust is still seen as a hero, so even though he’s losing his sanity more and more, he’s still well-meaning.

Merkava – Under Night In-Birth

Once human, currently monster, Merkava’s only desire in her post-human life is to consume others. Many of his victory quotes allude to his desire to consume his opponents, though he also mentions how troubled he is in his post-human form, showing he is tormented by his current life.

His fighting style will also leave players shaken – he uses moves that extend his limbs everywhere, doesn’t hesitate to bite opponents, and will summon small creatures resembling himself to aid him in battle. While he may have a troubled past, he’s still a fearsome foe to fight regardless.

Bryan Fury – Tekken

A former cop who was killed and returned from the dead, Bryan Fury craves violence more than anyone in Tekken. While his design itself isn’t too scary, it’s his personality that shows just how scary he is.

He doesn’t have much to say, but his laugh is enough to show how unhinged he is, and his fighting style is very aggressive, dealing a lot of damage with every hit. If you need more insight into his state of mind, some of his victory screens have him beat the character he just defeated, even after he had already won.

Ryuji Yamazaki – The King of Fighters

One of the most violent characters in all of SNK’s fighting games, Yamazaki is definitely someone to fear. Motivated primarily by money, Yamazaki does not lean towards good or evil; however, his maniacal laugh should be enough to show anyone that given the chance, he will scare his opponents.

In addition to his terrifying personality, his fighting style is not to be overlooked either. His main weapon of choice is a knife, and he can extend his arms to fight from a distance. He also likes to toy with his opponents in the middle of the fight, sticking his tongue out for his counterattack. His masochistic personality certainly makes him one of SNK’s scariest.

Baraka – Mortal Kombat

The most brutal fighting game series is bound to have a handful of creepy characters, and Baraka is among the most terrifying of the bunch. His appearance speaks for itself, fighting with blades on his arms, spikes on his wrists, and most importantly, his razor sharp teeth, he is without a doubt one of the scariest characters in the series.

In typical Mortal Kombat fashion, his design traits show up in many of his kills, using his blades to rip through his opponents in gruesome fashion.

Baby Bonnie Hood – Darkstalkers

While BB Hood may look like a sweet, innocent girl, under the hood she’s an evil bounty hunter who disguises herself as a helpless little girl. Taking inspiration from Little Red Riding Hood, rather than shielding herself from the Big Bad Wolf, BB Hood takes on the villain role as she hunts the Darkstalkers for money.

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Beneath her innocent appearance, she fights with all kinds of weapons, such as an uzi, missiles, mines, and knives. While she may look innocent, make no mistake, this bounty hunter is bloodthirsty.

Spine – Killer Instinct

An undead pirate who has forgotten his past existence, Spinal is a skeleton whose broken spirit has taken over him. Due to the curse placed on him, Spinal does not communicate with words but rather with screams and screams.

Although his primary way of fighting is with his sword and shield, he does possess some fearsome abilities, primarily his ghostly powers which summon skeletons to fight with him. While any skeleton fighter is bound to be scary, Spinal has a few tricks up his sleeve to push him above the rest.

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