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Video Game Development Platform Roblox Acquired Gamified Virtual Social Events | Pocket

Industry giant and UGC platform holder Roblox have acquired virtual game startup TriplePlay, formerly known as Lobby, for an undisclosed amount.

TriplePlay sprang into action two years ago, giving teams that weren’t in person a way to build camaraderie and bonding, as well as develop fun virtual social events for businesses.

Meanwhile, the virtual gaming startup has raised around $1 million in seed funding from companies like Goodwater Capital, N49P and Box One, and worked with clients like Deloitte, KPMG, Telus, Certn and HiMama.

“Roblox’s vision is to reinvent the way people come together to connect, create, and express themselves through immersive and interactive shared experiences,” TriplePlay wrote on their website.

“We share this vision. At Roblox, our team will help deliver an incredibly immersive experience for Roblox’s more than 58 million daily active users across a growing variety of platforms and operating systems.”

Now, two years later, the company has announced that starting September 30, 2022, TriplePlay will shut down all user data – all user data logged into their TriplePlay account will be deleted.

Roblox and its vision

Mark Hlady, CEO and co-founder of TriplePlay stated on a LinkedIn post regarding the acquisition that the company empowered people to foster deeper connections in an era when working was remote and technology platforms shifted from connection to entertainment.

Hlady further wrote, “Roblox has been an inspiration from the start, and Roblox’s vision to reinvent the way people come together to connect, create, and express themselves resonates with me.”

Roblox also made news when the company recently teamed up with model Karlie Kloss and a team of designers to create five in-game pop-up shops, which ran until July 25. This year, former Zynga CTO Nick Tornow also joined Roblox as its new vice president of engineering for development.

Prior to that, Roblox lost its former VP, Global Head of Music Jon Vlassopulos, who went to join fellow metaverse experience creator Dubit.

Last week, Roblox came in at #13 in our Top 50 Mobile Game Makers of the Year.