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Warzone streamers applaud Stim buff as ‘best addition’ in game history

While Call of Duty: Warzone has its share of issues, streamers are taking a moment to appreciate a seemingly minor buff that comes with the Pacific update – doubling down on new Stim Shots as the game’s greatest ever addition.

In the Pacific Season 1 patch notes, Warzone developers at Raven Software revealed that Tactical Equipment will be receiving a number of changes to the new Caldera map. At the time, the heartbeat sensor nerve-wracking excitement eclipsed Stim Shot buffs.

Now, however, the pendulum has swung toward serious appreciation for the Stims. Gear now gives you a speed boost, which streamers have used for devastating plays, and a “Super Slide” movement mechanic.

Noticing the equipment’s continued emergence, top players like IceManIsaac and JoeWo are quick to praise it. Instead, everyone has gone so far as to call the improved Stims one of Warzone’s biggest changes.

Warzone Enhanced Stims: Best Addition Ever?

JoeWo put it very simply, saying that Improved Stims “might be the greatest addition to Warzone we’ve ever had.” And, coming from a player known as the ‘Movement King’, it’s clear why he appreciates their newfound mobility.

Fellow streamer IceManIsaac dove a little deeper into the gear, explaining precisely why their buff was “one of the most refreshing changes in Warzone history.”

As Isaac explains, Stims that improve mobility provide more “opportunities for finesse, play, and evasion.” Top players are interested in items that increase the skill gap, so a speed-enhancing all-purpose item is most definitely a fit.

Getting around faster isn’t exactly something campers will enjoy, after all.

Going further, Isaac still wants more nerfs to stuns and flashes – but he’s happy with the Stims and happy to see the nerfed heartbeat sensor out of rotation. It’s not clear that casual gamers are as happy with the Stims as streamers, so we’ll have to see if that appreciation trickles down.