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Wonder Woman Game Developer Monolith Productions Explained

Superhero games are on the rise. Marvel games including Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, Marvel’s Midnight Suns, and Marvel’s Wolverines are all in development, and Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy just won Best Storytelling at The Game Awards 2021. While it looks like Marvel is dominating this style of play, DC also has a few projects in the works, including a new one. wonder woman Game. Although not much is known about Wonderwoman, which is being developed by Monolith Productions, Wonder Woman herself seems like the perfect protagonist for a new DC superhero game. He’s a central figure in the DC mythos who will provide more than enough source material for his own game.


Because wonder woman just announced, fans are unlikely to see new trailers for the game in the near future. For now, the best way to imagine wonder woman is probably to consider Monolith Productions itself. Not to be confused with Xenosaga and Xenolame Monolith Soft developer, Monolith Productions has made a name for itself with its recent lore adaptations of The Lord of the Rings. It’s been a while since Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor and its sequel have been released, but these games are still a testament to the kind of work Monolith Productions could be capable of with Wonderwoman.

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The history of Monolith productions

Shadow of Mordor

Monolith isn’t a particularly fast developer, often going several years between game releases, but it is a long-lived developer. It debuted in the late 1990s, premiering with the well-received FPS Blood for PC and MS-DOS. It continued to develop a variety of PC titles into the 2000s, earning accolades for The Operative: No one lives forever, a stealth FPS with 1960s aesthetics. Later in the 2000s, Monolith was also partly responsible for creating The online matrix, an MMORPG that canonically continued the story of the influential Matrix movies. If these various projects caught the studio’s attention, nothing would put Monolith in the spotlight quite like Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor.

In Shadow of Mordor and its sequel Middle-earth: Shadow of War players control the ranger Talion and his ghostly possessor Celebrimbor, deceived creator of the Rings of Power, in their mutual quest for revenge. Shadow of Mordor won a long list of accolades, including Best Action/Adventure at The Game Awards 2014, with praise largely directed towards its use of the Lord of the Rings lore, diverse and engaging combat, and the Nemesis system. The Nemesis System promoted NPC enemies that performed well against the player into stronger units that the player could track and hunt down for increased rewards. These engaging mechanics and world building were hailed as a major innovation and inspired many other developers.

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The next chapter of Monolith

wonder woman

Monolith Productions hasn’t released anything new since. Middle-earth: Shadow of War in 2017, so the wonder woman announcement is important. Finally, fans get an idea of ​​what the studio is working on. Although the details of wonder woman are still a mystery, it would be an open-world action-adventure game, and it will incorporate the Nemesis system, which Monolith Productions’ parent company, Warner Bros. Interactive, patented in early 2021. Comments from Monolith Productions suggest that wonder woman is supposed to focus on player-created experiences, similar to how Shadow of Mordor and shadow of war created stories based on player actions using the Nemesis system.

Given the recent fame of Monolith Productions, there’s a good chance that wonder woman will serve as a spiritual successor to his Middle Earth games, adjusting many of its features for the DC Universe and Diana of Themyscira’s unique abilities while reflecting on Monolith’s past successes. The Nemesis system and the Middle Earth titles are more than Monolith’s accomplishments now, as they are a crucial part of the studio’s identity. These games could shape the work of Monolith for years to come.

wonder woman is in development.

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